Friday, February 29, 2008

My Month's 'Rent'

I never really understood the nostalgia behind Rent. Perhaps I was past its generation but when I first made my way around to go see the Jonathan Larson musical, all I kept thinking was 'Why don't these people just get jobs?'. And then there was that abomination that was the film adaptation. What a bohemian mess.

Now comes confirmation that original 'Rent-sters', Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal are headlining a tour in 2009, some 11-years after they made their Broadway debut. My question is, aren't they a little bit too old to play 20-somethings now? (Playbill

My New Line

Once prominent, New Line Cinema, is folding and being incorporating into Warner Bros. films. How did a studio company that banked $1 billion dollars on one film 4 years ago go under that quickly?

Well, now that I think about it, they haven't had a consistent string of solid hits since 'Lord of the Rings', with only 'Wedding Crashers' and 'Hairspray' their genuine hits since. But with a release slate such as the 'Sex and the City' movie, 'Four Christmases' with Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, not to mention the rights to the guaranteed uber-successful 'The Hobbit', I thought they have a chance of recovery... guess not.

For those remotely interested in the future of 'The Hobbit'- nothing changed, it's still in limbo talks with various people attached to it. (Variety)

My Ten-Dollar Taxi Ride

Not that I've ridden taxis all the much to begin with (other than some occasional crosstown commutes), but news of a proposal that would raise the initial charge from $2.50 to $6.50 have me thinking, is it worth $10 just to go 10 blocks? 

Of course, this is one of the many attempts Mayor Bloomberg is trying to make to solve traffic congestion in lower Manhattan. But I don't get it... wouldn't the cabs be there either way? Moving or not? I liked his original plan of charging to enter the city better. (NYT)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Moment of Truth

That new trashy FOX game show The Moment of Truth has apparently cause a marriage to break up. Does this surprise anyone? The ironic thing is, they didn't even win any money. (EW)

My Wall-E

I, for one, cannot wait until those genius at Pixar releases 'Wall-E' this summer. And just to wet my appetite, they've released a final movie poster for the sure cash cow. It is going to be tough to beat Ratatouille, The Incredibles and Toy Story, but from what the early buzz has been saying, it might just do that. 

My Obsession with Jon McLaughlin

Every year around this time, I get a little crazy over a musician (see Jack Johnson last year). This year, it's none other than Jon McLaughlin. He might not sound all the familiar to you, but he came out with a small hit last year Beautiful Disaster off his debut album and was at the Oscars this past Sunday performing 'So Close', one of the three nominated songs from 'Enchanted'. 

Apparently, he's a good ol' Christian boy from Indiana... all nice, sweet and married. Just the way I like them. 


My Quarterlife

Touted as this generation's thirtysomething, I couldn't help but take a sneak peek at the new NBC series quarterlife- apparently a new show about people my age. It's still too early for me to comprehend a bad review about the series with just the pilot, but one thing is for sure, these people complain a lot. 

The plot is your typical nerdy buddy is in love with blogger girl who is in love with her best guy friend who is love with his best friend's girlfriend. As for the sixth character in the show? She's the one struggling with her sexuality. What gives? Are people my age that malcontent with their love lives? 

Anyway, check it out for yourself and see how much the video blogging bothers you. 
(UPDATE: If you're interested, do it soon- the ratings were horrid.)

My Kid Fighting Abilities

I've been part of probably 2 physical fights in my life and the results were not pretty. But thanks to Mark, I can realized I can take on 23 five year-olds in a fight. I think it's my non-existent conscience regarding chucking kids at other kids that pushed my score higher than his. See how many you can take on here

My Subway Reading Material

Recently, while waiting for my train to arrive, I noticed there were a few books lying on the ground in a subway station with labels on them encouraging me to take them home, read them and put them back. Interesting alternative to that where-is-my-dollar-bill craze from a few years back. (Noticed the one by William Shatner?)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

My New Blogosphere

So this is my new blog on the blogger. I've previously held blogs on my Myspace page and decided to venture out in the world- something my mother encouraged since the age of five. 

Reason for blogging? Other than to keep my sanity, I'd like to see what I have to offer.
Reason for reading? To see what I have to offer. 

Let's see how this goes.