Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Murtaugh List

On Monday's episode of How I Met Your Mother, the gang brought up a list of things they were getting too old to do since they're pushing 30(ie. playing laser tag, beer bong, piercing an ear) without feeling the pain afterwards and named it 'The Murtaugh List'- after Danny Glover's character in Lethal Weapon who famously says 'I'm getting too old for this shit.'  

So gradually, I thought about my own Murtaugh List and what I would love to do but would regret later but drew an absolute blank. I'm not sure what to make of it, perhaps I'm still a little too immature to conjure up an activity.

Just skip to the 5:19 mark to see what I mean. So what's on your list?

My Zac Crawford Comparison

Picture 3

On the heels of the possible swap for Zac Efron with Chace Crawford in the upcoming remake of 'Footloose', the New York Post examines the difference between the two very similar stars. For me, when it comes down to it, Crawford is a poor man's version of the man he's replacing. While Efron has proven again and again he can bring in the box office, you just wait til 17 Again opens in a few weeks, Crawford has the looks and the potential young girl crowd much from his 'Gossip Girl' years but what he has yet to prove is that he can sing and dance- something Efron can do in his sleep. 

If Efron were to drop out as most media sources indicate, I guess a gamble on Mr. Crawford can pay off. Is it me, or does the two look eerily similar? Why don't the studios do something with that? Another Parent Trap-like film perhaps and capitalize on both of their appeals?

My Friday Night Lights Miracle

Picture 2

Well, it's happening! My Dillon Panthers (and spoiler: East Dillon Lions) are going to be back for two more years. Sources say the cast will continually change much like last year with a rotating round of freshmen coming in and a slew of seniors going out. If I had it my way, we can get rid of Riggins and Lyla- those two have been on my nerves for a while now. I'm still bitter from season one. I CANNOT WAIT. (EW)

Monday, March 30, 2009

My Bathroom Concert

Leave it to Ellen DeGeneres to tickle my funny bone once more. Her latest edition of the ongoing 'Bathroom Concert Series' is with none other than Academy Award winner Jennifer Hudson singing the showstopping number 'And I Am Telling You' from 'Dreamgirls'. The look on Jennifer's face on multiple occasions are enough to keep me chuckling for hours.

My Celebrity Crush of the Month (v3.30.9)

Picture 4
January: Rebecca Hall, for being the heart as Vicky and the longed for as Varya.
February: Will Chase, for being Thomas Weaver in another short-lived musical.
March: Joseph Cotten, for a screen presence that's still vibrant after all these years.

My Craigslist Posting (3/30)

Picture 2

There's no coming back from this. 

Friday, March 20, 2009

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My March Madness Predictions ('09 Edition)

Picture 1

For the first time since I've acknowledged college basketball, both Florida State and Syracuse made it to the big dance with amazing conference runs that stopped in the finals. No fear though, I'm sure their heroic wins (Syracuse's 7 OTs in 2 nights, FSU's debunking of then #1 UNC) are confidence boosters going into this weekend. Here's my quick take of this year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

East Region: I'm pretty sure FSU will make it to the Sweet 16, but seeing how Pittsburgh is going to meet them there, their run will most likely end there. This marks the second sport FSU and Wisconsin will meet in postseason, with our football teams butting heads in December at a bowl game. Poor Binghamton, my friends are all excited their school made it to their first dance only to face Duke in the first round. Anyway, my pick is for the much hated Greg Paulus and the rest of his Dukie Posse.

South Region: Syracuse to the Elite Eight to lose to North Carolina- only if Ty Lawson returns. If not, I have Devendorf (watch for his name in the NBA) and gang marching to Detroit. Upset special? Western Kentucky to the Sweet Sixteen.

Midwest Region: I still think Louisville is overrated. They got really lucky in the Big East Tournament. I have the very consistent Kansas Jayhawks moving on even though I'm rooting for the Mountaineers of West Virginia. 

West Region: It's all going to come down to Memphis trying to prove everyone wrong for placing them as a #2 seed and Connecticut trying to prove to everyone why they're #1 instead. In the end, the inevitable meeting with probably end with the Memphis Tigers as survivors. My only reasoning, UConn's half of the draw is much tougher and by the time the two teams meet, they'll probably be too tired to play Memphis' aggressive game. 

In the end, I'm going to go with North Carolina winning it all. Now, watch me be all wrong and not making it past this weekend....

My Ron Weasley Crossdresser


Is it me or does this model for the new USA Network advertising campaign look like our favorite red-haired wizard?

My Naked Mountain Climbers


I never understood the appeal or the thrill of taking off clothes in cold weather and doing something extreme, but I thought there should be a designated area for those folks. In the Swiss Alps, there are a group of adventurers who go hiking during the deep winter without any clothes who are currently fighting a pending law that would ban their desires to strengthen the shrinkage theory. The Swiss government is hearing a lot of complaints from dressed hikers who occasionally encounter these extreme nudist enthusiasts during their treks and are finally taking actions. (NYT)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Worst Bartender In Brooklyn

Picture 1

You'd think a place as swanky as the ReBar in DUMBO would be a little more selective with their bartenders, but I couldn't believe my eyes or my ears of what I was witnessing. I was entertained at the first by the venue, it's sheek and modern and has beers I've never heard of ('Mother's Milk'!?!). So after a sampling of something called 'Rare VOS', I decided to go ahead with that- on tap. Upon hearing this, our bartender proceeded to give me a look before walking away and serving others at the pretty empty bar. After scratching his head for what seemed like ten minutes, he remembered my simple order of beer on tap. FYI- 'Rare VOS' kinda sucked.

I got off easy. My friends did not. Larissa wanted something with Bailey's in it and after another round of head scratching, our bartender came back and told her they don't serve it. He then proceeded to make his 'specialty drink' with included Godiva Liqueur, Milk and vodka- it tasted like blah. We all had a sip before Riss was eventually charged 7 bucks for what would be the most expensive shot of chocolate milk in the world.

The best part of the story? Kyle's friend, Ronald, wanted a customized drink with melon in it- which they did not have. So the bartender's solution? A glass  containing a sampling of each beer they had on tap. We couldn't believe our ears. It was the foamiest, grossest thing I've ever tasted. Kyle, who I haven't seen since our college days, got off easy like I did- with a Long Island Ice Tea.

So lesson learned. Not going back to ReBar except for dinner- hopefully that's good. 

My Grey Gardens

Everytime Drew Barrymore shows up on screen, it's a gamble for me. That's probably because 8 times out of 10, I wish she would just go away (The 2 out of 10? 'Scream' & the first 'Charlie's Angels'). As a fan of Grey Gardens, both the documentary and the stage musical, I was a little skeptical when HBO announced Barrymore to headline as Little Edie in their upcoming television film- just because I didn't think she has the range to the very arching character. I'd like to sat the trailer would lay those skepticism to rest, but it does the exact opposite- I do have more doubts.  Check it out below and see inferior she is compared to the goddess that is Jessica Lange.

My West Side Story


I've always been partial to photo enactments of classic films. So when Vanity Fair released West Side Story Revisited which have young celebrities posing as the character in scenes from the classic play and film, I was more than ecstatic- even if Annie Lebovitz is not the lenser. If I could be anymore excited for upcoming revival, these pictures might just tipped that scale. 

Just in that photo above- Rodrigo Santoro, Chris Evans, Minka Kelly, Brittany Snow, Robert Pattinson, Sean Faris, Ben Barnes and so many more. Who can you spot?

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Two Things-Ism

Finally, someone who understands.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Abandoned Detroit

Picture 1

I've taken a liking to abandoned buildings, just ask those who decided to venture with me to Sunland Hospital back in the day. Much like the recent findings by Kingston Lounge, Time Magazine has a photo essay about Detroit. It's really ashamed. These pictures look like they're of post-Katrina New Orleans, the hauntingly beautiful images are due to Michigan's own economic decline well before the nation's. How else can explain a undemolished Central Train Station, a art deco theatre and a grand hotel just sitting there for over a decade? (Time)

My Hulu Anniversary

Picture 1

Like many online users, I turn to Hulu often to catch up various episodes of show I've missed the day before or when my DVR box starts to act up on me. They've become a better quality of Youtube television clips. Can you believe it though? They turned one year old today. Oh, where did I ever get free movies online legally before their existence? 

My Intolerant Intolerants


A selected group of London parents who took their children home to avoid Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Week are being prosecuted for failing to ensure their child to attend school. While I'm all for advancing equality for LGBT in all aspects of the world, but I don't think responding these parent's intolerant actions is to be intolerant. 

Sure, the parents are depriving their kids of a better understanding which can lead to more bigotry in the world, but the children in question are legally under the teachings and way of life of their parents. We can only provide as many outlets we can and regulate harmful actions. Like many different groups in sociality (religious, racial, social...), the LGBT community not displaying equal counter actions is generally better for its reputation and would only promote a better apprehension. (Telegraph)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My Television Comings and Goings


Going: Well, this just nailed the coffin on my dwindling desire to catch up on 'Ugly Betty'. Ashley Jensen, the only bright spot in the rapidly aging show, is leaving the series at the end of this season. The 'Extras' alum has since been casted in a sitcom debuting in the fall. (EW)

Coming: As mention a few days ago, 'Glee' has the prime real estate spot to launch the series behind 'American Idol' late this spring and now, the trailer has landed. This is the kind of 'High School Musical' I can actually sink my teeth into. Ch-ch-check it out.

Unless it completely misfires (as most television trailers tend to do), I have a feeling this will end my ban on FOX and become my new musical obsession. Go Matt Morrison!

My Tax Free Tickets


In an ongoing battle between the entertainment community and the State of New York, you can chalk up one for entertainment. After all the debates regarding taxing performance tickets such as a movie, concerts and theatre, Governor Paterson struck down the proposal that would increase Broadway tickets- a smart move that is beneficial to the already slowing theatre community. (Playbill)

My PG Porn

I've got to hand it to Nathan Fillion. I've tried resisting his easy charm for a long time now, but with his role in last summer's "Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along-Blog" and this recent web video he did for Spike TV, it is apparent his sense of humor is up my alley (interesting choice of words there). Just check out his comedic timing and wood acting in Spike TV's latest edition of PG Porn titled 'Nailing Your Wife'. Even with that though, I don't think I'll be checking in on 'Castle'.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Friday Night Lights Renewal

Hooray if this becomes a reality. 

My Sister's First Wedding Dress Fitting

Since my sister asked me to go with her and a few friends to her first wedding dress fitting, I decided to go. After all, it's kind of a once in a lifetime thing for me as well- this entire seeing my only sibling getting married. It was fun seeing her enjoy her experience for the first time trying the all-important white dress. Don't worry, I didn't post any dresses she's remotely considering wearing on her big day- so you traditionalists can calm down.

The 'Cinderella Dress' Everyone Loved Besides Me

One of our friends, Mel, got stuck under that dress.

Although it's a pretty one, the 'Mythical Dress' didn't even end up on her Top Three.

And then I got bored and tried on a tiara.

My Overdramatic Flight Passenger

Believe me, I've missed my fair share of planes . At times, I wanted to react like this lady, but I've never done so. I don't know what's funnier, her reaction or the canny subtitles.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

My Umpteenth Reason To Hate MTV

I cannot believe they went there. Were they capitalizing on the success of 'Milk' and its Oscar winning screenwriter!? If it was the story of Pedro they wanted to tell, they already did- twice! Once with 'The Real World' and again with the heartbreaking special that followed it. This is just plain tacky and ridiculous and it seems like it'll take away so much from the story of Pedro Zamora. Of course there's a off chance they'll prove me wrong- but judging from their recent track record, I highly doubt it.

My Pooping Video

I always wondered what all those cameras were doing around me when I was trying to drop a deuce that one time when I was three. Now, I have the answer.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My Future Movie Stars

Picture 1

I love it when New York Times makes short films like this. In the most recent entry to their ongoing 'Screen Test' series, NYT interviews five current television actors the publication deemed will be film stars in the near future. While Joshua Jackson (Dawson's Creek) and Bill Hader (Saturday Night Light) have already ventured into the film world on multiple occasions, their other choices are poised to hit it big. It also doesn't hurt that two of the five actors were regulars on 'Friday Night Lights' that had me agreeing. They're greedy with their videos, so all I can do is link you there.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Second Open Letter To Brian Cashman


Mr. Cashman,

I know I've written to you once before regarding last year's "rebuilding year" and was glad to see that you didn't end up trading our prospects for a run for the playoffs. See what the Tampa Bay Rays did? It was all with prospects and simple trading. But the reason I'm writing this time is to support your much criticized comments regarding Alex Rodriguez. 

“We’ve invested in him as an asset. And because of that, this is an asset that is going through a crisis. So we’ll do everything we can to protect that asset and support that asset and try to salvage that asset.”

Yes, it was a bit cold- but it is exactly what most Yankee fans are thinking. It is time to begin impersonalizing ourselves with Rodriguez. He's a great player but with all the baggage that comes along the good, I couldn't find a better word to describe him than the word you chose. 

Good luck this season. Your stadium looks great,

P.S.- It is so uncool your people don't return calls to people you interviewed for job openings. 

My Ultimate Showdown


Oh boy. If there ever was a live debate that is bound to make my arteries burst, this would be it. Bill Maher and Ann Coulter are set to 'speak' with each other onstage this weekend at Radio City Music Hall. I was never a fan of these extremists/opportunists from either end of the political spectrum and if that makes me lukewarm- so be it. I'd rather go down in flames than choose between those two. Also, if there were to be special guests like Al Franken or Rush Limbaugh showing up at this thing, I might as well vacate this city in fear of a terrorist attack that would wipe the slate clean. 

My Glee

Picture 1

A very high profile FOX series is about to get launched this May after 'American Idol'. Ryan Murphy, creator of 'Nip/Tuck' and director of 'Running With Scissors', is bringing his new series about a high school teacher who plans to revamp the school's horrible glee club. 

Though I've never been a fan of Murphy's works, the cast alone in this musical dramedy consists of who's who on Broadway and in the comedy world makes my head explode with excitement. Matthew Morrison (from my all-time favorite Broadway musical, 'The Light in the Piazza' and the recent South Pacific), Jane Lynch (Best In Show), Kristin Chenoweth (Wicked), Victor Garber (geez, he's in everything), Jayma Mays (Ugly Betty), Lea Michele (Spring Awakening) are just some of the name attached to this project I'm going gaga over. 

Now let's hope FOX won't find another way to screw over this show over as well. (EW)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Kingston Lounge


One thing I love about the blogosphere is discovering ones that I can go back to often because of its content. The newest to that list is Kingston Lounge- a blog by preservationist Richard Nickel about historical Brooklyn sites. His latest addition includes a gallery of the abandoned Brooklyn Navy Yard Hospital, which is stunning and haunting. Someone needs to renovated the gorgeous hospital into a museum or something before it turns into another condominium building. 

My Pornography Study


Harvard Business School generated a study of which US State watch the most porn (per capita). The states that I thought were going to make the top ten list like California, Nevada and New York didn't register while Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi surprised me with their higher ranking. Now who knows how legit this study actually is but it's always amusing to see the results. The rest of the top ten includes Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, North Carolina, Oklahoma, West Virginia with Utah taking the prize as state that watches the most porn.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Celebrity Crush Of The Month (v3.3.9)

Picture 1

January: Rebecca Hall, for being the heart as Vicky and the longed for as Varya.
February: Will Chase, for being Thomas Weaver in another short-lived musical.

Who will it be in March? No specific potential so far.

My Bachelor Status Updates


I stumbled across 'The Bachelor' with Erica (ten states away) last night during the all important final rose ceremony. Yes, I was a little disturbed by how the guy proposed to a girl only to take that back because he wants to start dating the girl he dumped in the first place. Yes, I was a little disgusted how these people agreed to display all of this on national television. But most of all, I was a little surprised how popular this show was. 

I'll admit it. During the 30 minutes I watched between his proposal and his 'unproposal', I was a little intrigued. No matter the reasoning for my intrigued (confusion, hatred, and the before mentioned disgust), the producers of the show and the ABC network managed to get me to watch for their elusive 18-35 male demographic.

But to see a mass amount (ELEVEN!) of Facebook status updates having to do with the finale of 'The Bachelor' is kind of amusing. Of course I responded to them.

Picture 2

My Chinese Bronze Heads


In another act of unconventional patriotism, a Chinese man refuses to pay his $18 million bid for a pair bronze animal heads discovered outside of Beijing in the 19th century. His reason being the French stole these artifacts without permission from the Chinese government and are auctioning them off at the famed Christie's Auction House in Paris. Though legally those bronzers belong to France, the moral implications are setting the archeological world in a storm. I wonder how, if at all, the Chinese government will retaliate? Whatever they come up with, I won't feel too bad for the French- the next highest bidder came in at $17 million. (NYT)

Monday, March 2, 2009

My 'Beyond The Forest' Outtake


Ever wonder what some Hollywood gods and goddesses are saying in certain candid photos? The Film Experience began a blog challenge asking readers which vintage photos they most want an audio track to. It was almost a no-brainer for me. Besides anything Marlon Brando, this exchange between Joseph Cotten and Bette Davis during some downtime on the set of Beyond The Forest always intrigued me. What could one of my favorite actors of all time and the legendary diva be talking about while basking under the sun? Could it be that Davis threatened to walk out of the film when it was only half completed? Or could it be Cotten's ever complicated relationship with Orson Welles?

My Ironic Dream


Reason #25 Why I'm Not Badass: I dreamt I was singing 'That's How You Know' in Central Park last night. 

My 18th Anniversary In America


Exactly 18 years ago to this day, I set my feet on this great nation for the first time. It's kinda weird to think that once upon a time, I didn't speak English, pronounced 'Z' as 'zed' instead of 'zee' and thought calling sweets 'candy' was silly. But here I am, 18 years later and can barely speak Chinese, making fun of the British and think Candy is a hookerish name (obvious irony on that last one for those who know me). It's a tad sad sometimes to see I've steered this far away from who I was but I still thank my parents every chance I get for not only for having the courage to relocate the entire family for that ever underestimated opportunity for me and my engaged sister, but also for relocating me to the greatest city in the world. I love me some America. In fact, I'll take America behind the middle school and make it pregnant. 

My Snowy March


That's right. It's March 2nd and Brooklyn along with the rest of the Tri-state area just got a huge snow dump last night. The above picture is taken outside of my parent's house after some major shoveling.... I thought it was supposed to be Spring or something like that. Didn't that groundhog come out of hiding a month ago? Sigh. 


I'm sure every kid leaped for joy in front of their television upon hearing the news just like I did many times back in the day.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My Lost Beatles Photos


The New York Post got a hold of, former Beatles and Rolling Stones manager, Bob Bonis's photos of the group's first trip to America. While some of the pictures as fun and what you thought they might be. There are a few eye-popping ones like the one above where actor Burt Lancaster holds a gun to Ringo Starr's face. Let's hope it's not loaded. (NYP)