Sunday, August 30, 2009

My 90210 Theme Song Retrospective

I'll be the first to admit to watching ALL ten seasons of the original 'Beverly Hills, 90210'. Even when the show got horrendously bad during the last few seasons, I kept watching. I mean, c'mon, how much fun is that theme song? My love for the original teen drama even got me to start watching the current impostor airing on The CW.... but that ended quickly as soon as they told Kelly had a kid with Dylan. Ugh, go Team Brandon!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Restaurant Makeover


I'm not so sure if renovating the famed 'Tavern On The Green' is such a good idea. Let's face it, people don't go there for the overpriced food. They go for the atmosphere and the incredibly rich interior design. Changing the Crystal Room into a "conservatory dining room"? Way to take the fun out of splurging. (Daily News)

My Poisoned Pancakes

Welcome to the ridiculousness of Daytime Television. Death... by.... pancakes! This clip from 'All My Children' is as ridiculous and silly as the time Marlena was processed by demons back in the 90s except this doesn't like as fun. That's right... I know some stuff about 'em soap operas.

My Mad Men Commentary


With the new season of 'Mad Men' started up again a few Sundays ago, I went ahead and rewatched season two in its entirety so that I can fall back into the world of Sterling Cooper. Loaded with special features I'll never get the time to check out, I've decided to check out the audio commentary for one of my favorite episodes from that season titled 'Three Sundays' in which Colin Hanks begins his season long guest appearance as Father Gill.

To my surprise, the audio commentary featuring Colin Hanks and Elisabeth Moss is not only informative but extremely entertaining. They joked about everything from "one take wonders" to Pete Campbell's short shorts while letting viewers know about the almost relationship writers had in stored for their characters. I highly encourage all 'Mad Men' fanatics to check it out.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Favorite Actors

In another interactive blog section started by Nathaniel over at The Film Experience, I've carefully created this Bingo board of my all-time 25 24 favorite actors. I cheated a little though and included not only screen actors but stage actors as well- I just can't let Patrick Wilson and Matt Cavenaugh fly by when there's a Peterio's Favorite Actors list involved. Yes, they're a bit vanilla and a bit Yankee, but I can't help who I love. So in no particular ranking order... who wants to play Bingo? There's no losing here.

Picture 6

My Unpopular Name

Picture 1

So it appears Peter is not as popular of a name as it once was. According to the new lists of popular baby names, Peter is ranked 183th in the United States when it was 57th during my birth year of 1982. The most popular in 2008? Jacob and Emma. Just check out how popular (or unpopular) your name nowadays with new parents here.

My Desperate Promo


Even if the show has been lifeless since its inaugural season, ABC has always been on the ball when it comes to promoting 'Desperate Housewives'. Case in point, this hilarious and satirical poster for the upcoming season is brilliant and completely portrays the campy ongoings of Wisteria Lane. If only other networks follows ABC's lead.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Glee Gold Digger

Oh Matthew Morrison, you're slowly climbing the chart as the new face to watch for to the rest of the world. Of course, us Broadway junkies already adore you. I SO cannot wait for this show to officially kick off. You can download 'Gold Digger' in its entirety FOR FREE over at iTunes.

My Skins Remake

Picture 1

A British adaptation of a successful show to be broadcasted on MTV? That's a recipe for disaster if I know it. While the British adaptation has worked rarely in the past, there were definitely more fails than wins. Let's hope the grit of shock and awe translate States-side in Baltimore, Maryland for a show that captivated my attention. (Zap2It)

My Morning Away From Roger


As a promotional event for the upcoming US Open (which I have tickets to on Labor Day), the top ranked players are doing some good ol' fashion PR at Madison Square Park. While it was one of the most unorganized events I've ever attended, I did manage to get a glimpse of the greatest tennis player EVER who happens to be my celebrity crush for the month of June.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Craigslist Posting (8.25.9)


I hear forking yourself in public is the new Twitter.

My Latest Rudy Giuliani Politic Bid


After that miserable strategy for the GOP Presidential bid last year, former NYC mayor Rudy Giuliani is thinking a step smaller and is weighing his options for the New York governor position currently held by David Patterson. It's a good move on Giuliani's part. Say what you will in regards about the resident Yankee fan, but he's still one of the mayors this fine city has ever seen. Rather of not I'd vote for him if he decides to throw his hat in the race is still in question- I have plenty of time to mull that over. (NYTimes)

My September To Travel


With some cash saved up this summer and my irresponsible urge to spend it right away, I've decided that I'm going to be taking multiple trips this upcoming September to fulfill my urge to get away from the city. Here's my quickie itinerary for my birthday month:

- Toronto, CA (September 11-14), for the Toronto International Film Festival and catch up with a childhood friend who just had twins..... twins!

- Auckland, New Zealand (mid-September for upto 10 days), because I keep saying how I want to visit every year and never do. Might as well take advantage of that Delta discount while I still can. I'm 90% certain this trip is finally happening.

- Tallahassee, FL (September 25-28), might be pushed back to mid-October depending on other alumnus's schedules, to catch my annual FSU Football game at the Doak.

Care to join me?

My Celebrity Crush Of The Month (v.8.25.9)

Picture 5
January: Rebecca Hall, for being the heart as Vicky and the longed for as Varya.
February: Will Chase, for being Thomas Weaver in another short-lived musical.
March: Joseph Cotten, for a screen presence that's still vibrant after all these years.
April: Nora Arnezeder, for making my jaw drop with her angelic voice.
May: Ellie Frederickson, for capturing my heart in the mere minutes she was onscreen.
June: Roger Federer, because I cried as much as he did when he won the French Open.
July: Jake Silbermann, because I'm a sucker.
August: Melanie Laurent, for being dangerous and beautiful while fighting Nazis.

Monday, August 24, 2009

My Baseball Nonsense

Someone please tell Buck Showalter he's insane. 'Baseball Tonight' completely indulged in his pet project of campaigning to realign major league baseball is rather ridiculous. Are the programming looking for material to put on air? Because there's plenty of material going on during this summer season.

Abandon the century old tradition of American and National leagues? Contracting BOTH Florida teams simply because they have spring training there? Putting the Yanks, Mets, Phillies, Rays and Red Sox in the same division? Are we really going back to the argument of rather of a DH should be used? I guess Buck just has a lot of time on his hands.

My Month Is Over


I apologize. I've been exhausted.

After a six-week feature that included a tornado, a blizzard and a live dead corpse, I've finally recovered and am ready to let my blogging juices flow. To make it brief, what has changed in my life since that last entry? Hmmm... in one simple word- Nada, but I AM feeling as energized as that guy above.