Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Enchanted Evening


I've been wanting to check out the new revival of 'Rodger and Hammerstein's South Pacific' ever since I heard Bartlett Sher will be directing Kelli O'Hara and Matthew Morrison again after 2006's 'The Light In The Piazza', the show that got me head over heels for Broadway. And tonight, I finally got to go. Although it's not as romantic and lavish as 'Piazza', 'South Pacific' offered a much different variation of love, the social acceptance of it. Just like any other production in The Vivian Beaumont at Lincoln Center, this production was a feast for the eyes. 

As for O'Hara and Morrison, who shared only two scenes, the energy between them can felt even in silence even when their characters are not supposed to be romantically linked. When is someone going to cast them again in a full blown production as star-crossed lovers!? There was even a scene when Morrison began the sing, I was completely expecting him to sing the first verse of 'Love To Me' from 'Piazza'.  Both his and O'Hara's performances only confirmed to me that I need to catch everything else they're going to do on stage. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Bennigan's


I've never been a fan of the chain restaurant Bennigan's and I guess they're not going to have the opportunity to change my mind. Both Bennigan's and Steak and Ale have filed for bankruptcy protection and while their parent company said they're not closing immediately, employees of the Irish-themed restaurant were greeted with a locked door when showing up for work. (AP)

My Half-Blood Prince Reaction


Judging from the trailer for 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' that premiered tonight, my initial reaction is that I'm not as worried. I'm glad most of the trailer contained the young Tom Riddle instead of Harry and his friends because I was afraid the film was going to be a little too boring. The most fascinating things about the sixth book to the series had to do with Dumbledore's flashing backward into Tom Riddle's past. 

This trailer definitely beats the teaser we were treated to earlier this month, but one question- where the heck is Hermione? Check out the trailer for yourself. (AOL/WB)

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Friend's Earthquake

From my friend Will in LA:
"Honestly, I just felt the floor wobbling. I stood up, realized I was sitting in a room with glass walls, and waited (away from the walls of course) for a minute until it stopped. Then I joined all my coworkers outside, and started posting my exclamations to Twitter."
Oh Will, always one to downplay a 5.4 earthquake.... Makes that picture he took when he was at Museum of Natural History a little eerie. 

My Titletown

Picture 2

Another year, another pointless ESPN segment special. Two years ago, when the "50 States in 50 Days" project fell flat after week 2 (They showcased street basketball for the entire state of New York...), I wonder how long it would take before the creatives over at the uber-sports network decide to bring in another breezy summer special. And oh boy, if I thought the results for the "50 Days" were bad, their search for "Titletown, USA" ended even worse. Of all the cities and towns across this country, they've announced Valdosta, GA as their choice for the crown. Second place is not better with Parkersburg, WV. You'd have to scroll to #5 before seeing a city with more than one professional sports team.

Valdosta, GA!?! Really!?! I've been there.... nothing about that place screamed sports, and definitely not this so-called "titletown". Many said choices like Los Angeles, Boston and New York were too obvious... because obvious is apparently bad. ESPN dropped another ball here, I wonder what special they'll come up with next for small towns to feel better about themselves. (ESPN)

My Princeton Review


The newest issue of The Princeton Review released the rankings of the best 368 college across the country. So, of course I did a quick search for good ol' Florida State University (go 'Noles!) and found that it made the list for three (not-so-good) categories.

- Coming in at #10 for 'Biggest Party School'. In our defense, we were #1 not too long ago.
- #9 in caring about sports and Greek life than academics. I'm surprised we were ranked so high, we really only care about football.
- And #13 for most use of hard liquor. I'm surprised we were ranked so low, sure felt like we made the top 10 while living there.

So go check out other categories on their main page such from 'Best Dorms' (Loyola College) to 'Least Race/Class Interaction' (Trinity College) and see if your alma mater made the cut. (Princeton Review)

My Restaurant Week


My friends Justin, Carol and I decided to participate in New York's second restaurant week this summer by attending an Italian restaurant in Bay Ridge. As shocking as it might sound, all three meals were abysmal- even the lobster! I've got to say, the only thing that would've made it worse was if Carol's sudden allergic reaction to whatever spread and struck me and Justin as well. Although, I'm sure there are some restaurants on the lists that would fare better, this joint did not. Hey, at least we got a silly picture of Justin eating lobster tonight. 

Monday, July 28, 2008

My Monday Mad Men Question (7/28)

Picture 1

Who is he referring to!?!

My Paul Hamm Withdrawal


Reigning Gold medalist Paul Hamm is withdrawing his name from the US Olympics gymnastics team due to the hand injury he suffered during this past World Championships. It's ashamed, because he was our country's best hope in winning gold in overall gymnastics in Beijing. At least his twin brother, Morgan, is still in it. (ESPN)

My Up


The only that worries me about Pixar's next feature is that they didn't show any preview for it during the uber-successful 'Wall-E'. You can now catch the teaser about the old man who flies with his house on their official site. It's strange and looks like a simple story, but I'm sure Pixar won't disappoint me. (Disney)

My 13 Musical


This upcoming Broadway season, there will be two shows showcasing lead characters under the age of 18. First is the highly anticipated West End transfer, Billy Elliot and second, is a new musical called '13'- an "original" idea about thirteen teens going up with pre-teen issues. I find it strange that someone found this concept marketable to the typical Broadway audience because, let's face it, prepubescent teens singing and dancing in unison about their life troubles just doesn't cater to much to middle aged folks. I'll be even more surprised if the show lasts for more than a year.

You can find the music video of the show-titled number on their official website and see if you agree with me in saying it sounds a little too "Kidz Bop". And one more thing.... not even one of the thirteen kids can be non-white? Maybe they did go for the Broadway demographic afterall. (Official Website)

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My Mad Men Sunday

large_TV Mad Men

It's finally back! Donald Draper and his goons at Sterling/Cooper are back to entertain me. I cannot wait to see what happened with Peggy! I've been waiting for this since 'Friday Night Lights' ended its season last year for some good dramatic television.

My Sister's iPhone


As jealous as I was, I went with my sister to get her the new 3G iPhone. Even two weeks after its initial release, the Apple store in Staten Island(!) still had a line waiting for it. Lucky for my sister, she was the last person that day to attain the new toy. Having the two phones in each hand, my initial thought is that the newer phone is slimmer, and more sleek and it also has a built-in GPS feature she used while we were walking from the store to the car.  I'll get over it soon.... I think.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Day Of Rest


I'm taking the day off to enjoy the sun. Check out the blogs on the side instead- particularly the fanfare for 'The Dark Knight' from Eisentower30 and The Part Time Critic.

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Top Ten Television Seasons of Comedy This Century


How's that for a wordy blog title? (I couldn't of anything else that would fit the description)

10. Curb You Enthusiasm (Season 1)- I totally associate with the bunched up pants.
9. How I Met Your Mother (Season 2)- The birth of slap bet AND Robin Sparkles!?! Hecks yeah.
8. Weeds (Season 2)- Whenever Celia is at her out-of-control state is when the show is at its best. Let’s not forget, Nancy ended the season with 20 guns pointing at her.
7. The Office (Season 2)- I thought the series truly gelled together once Michael became less schticky and more awkward.
6. Extras (Season 1)- Kate Winslet as an Oscar hungry actress? Genius.
5. Desperate Housewives (Season 1)- I don’t remember anything else at the time that had me glued to the television the way the ladies of Wisteria Lane did.
4. Sex and The City (Season 4)- ‘Sex’ at its prime. I still kinda wish Carrie would end with Aidan instead of the horrid Mr. Big.
3. The Comeback (Season 1)- It’s ashamed Valerie Cherish never caught on. I could’ve watched that trainwreck for many, many seasons.
2. 30 Rock (Season 1)- I still laugh hysterically thinking about Alec Baldwin saying "My mouth tastes like purple."
1. Arrested Development (Season 1)- Ten cents will get you nuts. Oh, I do hope the movie is happening.

Okay. Did I miss any?

My Ultimate Teaser

If they gave awards for the shortest teaser trailer, this one takes the cake. 

My Peyton Manning Surgery


It seems like the Indianapolis Colts' panic button is blinking just a little bit nowadays with the news of their franchise quarterback Peyton Manning needing knee surgery. An estimate of 4-6 weeks of recovery time is projected but the Colts are saying their man will be ready for the season opener on September 7th against the Bears. 

Judging from the one time I worked with him, it seems like Manning will be jamming to the theme song to 'Sportscenter' during his rehabilitation.  He better return to form once he's back to give manwhore Tom Brady a run for his money again. Hey, it could be worse.... it could be the other (and better?) Manning brother. (ESPN)

My Scrabble Lawsuit


It was inevitable before Hasbro, the makers of 'Scrabble' sues Facebook for their quickie version known a 'Scrabulous'. I've always wondered if the two had a deal going... I guess not. So how soon before the Oregon Trail makers decide to lay one down on Facebook as well? (Yahoo)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My Batman Rankings


6. Batman and Robin (1997)

FYI- It pays to get to IMAX showings early.


My Hairspray Sequel


Well, looks like we're going to have another round of John Travolta in drag. New Line officially asked John Waters to pen a sequel to last year's 'Hairspray' for a possible July 2010 release. Initially, it seems to be a pretty bad idea, but after thinking about it a little bit longer, I realized this move would only encourage another film to stage transfer- even if I have to suffer through a 2 hour-plus film. Even more so, I get to see James Marsden and Michelle Pfeiffer sing and dance again. Not too shabby. (Variety)

My Malaysian Restaurant


I've already told you about the cool Bensonhurst in the past, but tonight, I stumbled onto another reason why the 'N' train by Bay Parkway is a great stop. I've officially found my favourite Malaysian restaurant. Tropical Malaysian Cuisine on Bay Parkway between 65th and 66th had me glowing and wanting for more. It's not cheap with stuck-up service like the Nynoya on 86th Street. In fact, my prawn soup was so rich with ingredients, I left wondering why I haven't discover this hidden treasure before. As for the scattered bones my roommate Carl complains about with places like Nynoya? They debone it before they cook it! Oh, a world where people debone chicken for you is one I want to live in.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My Yes Man

Hey, a Jim Carrey movie that actually looks funny! Not to mention it also stars Rhys Darby from 'Flight of the Conchords'. Watch me be wrong altogether once again about comedy. 

My MTA Fare Hike


By the year 2011, the MTA wants to increase fares on train, bridges and tunnels to a whopping 13.4%. As ridiculous as it sounds, people are still going to fork over the cash and pay to commute. On the plus, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is against the hike and trying to snip it with the help of his government allies. As dependent as New Yorkers are on public transportation, this is clearly taking advantage of the situation. I hope the government realizes it would only discourage New Yorker to leisure travel and it was would be a step backwards for the local economy. (NYT)

My Matt Saracen Disappointment


I think the reason most fans fell in love with 'Friday Night Lights' two seasons ago was because of Matt Saracen and Zach Gilford, who portrays him. Everything from his sudden promotion to courting the coach's daughter, we were there every moment with Matt as if we were his personal "rally girls". In a recent interview with, Gilford had some strong opinion with it came to his character's relationship with Julie. He actually doesn't want them to be together and doesn't understand why Matt is attracted to Julie but cites that "he clearly is in love with her." I don't think Zach realizes the reason why many people are rooting for Matt and Julie is because we like Matt and wants him to get what he wants. (Zap2It)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My Cancelled Flight


Having a sister as a flight attendant obviously has its perks. Cheap first class flights aside, I'm guaranteed countless horror passenger stories whenever I wish- my favourite being the one where her fellow flight attendants had to yank out the lavatory doors to get someone out. 

Despite all the initial fun storytelling, it appears to be a rough job this day and age. On a recent American Airlines (no surprise there) flight, awaiting passengers at the terminal boo-ed a flight crew for arriving late from their previous destination. As a result, the captain and crew retaliated by cancelling the flight citing "hostile enviroment". LOVE it. Sure makes me think twice before complaining vocally in front of a flight attendant. (NYT)

My Open Letter To Brian Cashman


Mr. Cashman,

First of all, I'm glad you're finally letting go and have what will be the closest thing to a rebuilding year the Yankees are ever going to get. With that in mind, I hope you're not tempted to make any trades before the deadline with most of your stars on the disabled list. We need those young talent and giving someone like Brett Gardner, Phil Hughes or Daryl Rasner up for a bat to the end of the season just isn't worth it. Getting someone off the current available market like Richie Sexson is the kind of move the Yanks need to make for the interest of the bigger picture.

I know, I know, that new boss Hank is boning you about how all his opening day starters have appeared on the DL (see picture), but don't worry. Between you and me, I think he's just trying to impress his dad. Just smile and nod while his saliva-ridden mouth goes off on you, it'll get better.

Okay, that's all for now. Until then,

P.S.- Mango pudding IS suppose to taste like gelatin!

My Obsession With Elizabeth Moss


If you've watch any episode of AMC's original series 'Mad Men', there is no doubt a fire ignites in you for one Peggy Olson. She is, after all, the ultimate corporate ladder climber. Elizabeth Moss, who portrays Olson, nothing short of a gem in that role. I can't help but succumb to her 'Miranda Priestley'-like attitude towards work. It is ashamed that she wasn't nominated for an Emmy earlier this month.

The latest issue of New York Magazine profiles the young siren's career thus far and highlights her poise in midst of a stellar cast. I can't wait until the new season of 'Mad Men' next week and see what Peggy does with her jawdropping twist in last season's finale and even more so, how Moss will continue to work me under her spell. (NYMag)

UPDATE: Yes! She's coming to Broadway this fall. (Playbill)

Monday, July 21, 2008

My Movie Critics

After 33 years, Roger Ebert made the decision to part ways with what was 'Siskel & Ebert' and then 'Ebert & Roeper' when Gene Siskel died in 1999. Sidelined the past few years due to health reasons, Ebert will take his trademarked "thumbs up" elsewhere. Richard Roeper is departing from the series as well after 8 years.

It truly is an end of an era. I remember when I was younger, hearing 'Siskel & Ebert' and thinking it was one guy named Siskelan Ebert, only realizing they were the "thumbs up" folks. In terms, I knew of them before my passion for film even developed. One in while, when I happen to catch an episode on the weekend, I always manage to be tuned in to the program until the credits roll.

You guys will be missed. (AP &

My Baby Name


So what's the worst baby name you've heard lately? Mine is the picture of the object above. Soap opera star Ingo Rademacher named his newborn Peanut Kai. I feel silly just typing his name with a capital P. I guess this beats Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow's Apple. In the real world, I haven't witness any actual absurd baby names. I've encountered bad ones, but for the fear of their parents reading this, I'll refrain from posting those names. So, who has been introduced to some oddball baby names? (CelebrityBabyBlog)

My Calorie Watch


Ever since New York instated the law that requires all fast food restaurants to display the calorie count next to each individual item, I couldn't help but wonder what I perceived as healthy is actually healthy. To my surprise, Subway sandwiches are almost as bad as a Mickey D Cheeseburger and a plain donut from Dunkin Donuts carries more calories than a jelly one. Weird, no? Yahoo posted a video of various New Yorkers as they trek through their normal fast food joint to some fun responses. (Yahoo)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Chinese Smog


It seems like every time the Olympics rolls into its final month of preparation, the host city scrambles to make everything complete. For Beijing, it's no exception. It appears ever since the it was awarded this summer's Olympic games, Beijing's biggest dilemma was its air pollution. And like the way many things are done within the Chinese government, they chose to hide this fact and alter results

But as the news of its pollution became more public, the Chinese government began to force local factories down and reduce car commute. I gotta hand it to them, if they were dealt with NYC's congestion problem, they would solve it in a heartbeat with their no nonsense attitude. Anyway, will this last ditch effort convince the World it is ready? I sure hope so, because my family and I have been anticipating the Games in China for a long time now. (AP)

My Distaste for High School Musical


I don't think the year is going to be over without another horrid musical. Here are actual lyrics from the upcoming 'High School Musical 3: Senior Year':

TROY: "Right now I can hardly breath!"
GABRIELLA: "I know you can do it just know that I believe!"
TROY: "And that's all I really need!"
GABRIELLA: "Then come on!"
TROY: "Make me strong! It's time to turn it up, GAME ON!"

I uncontrollably laughed so hard in the theater when I heard these lyrics. HSM is just gonna be one of those things I'd never get. Check out the trailer below.

My Obi Is Dying

So it appears I'll be bringing Obi, my laptop, to Tekserve for its last hurrah. What wrong with him? Between the overheating and my need for extra RAM he doesn't have, Obi has recently resorted to crashing. And now, after a short circuit incident, it appears his power adapter is burnt out as well. The good news? I'm told I'd be able to extract all of Obi's files onto a hard drive. Between this and Goldmember, it's been a rough calendar year for the techie department in my life. So you heard first here folks, Peterio is in the market for a new laptop.... a Mac, of course.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

My, My How Could I Resist You?


Uh.... one word. Easy, don't buy a ticket. I tried to enjoy the happy-go-lucky musical, Mamma Mia!, but it was just an embarrassing mess. Outside of the dancing pier from "Dancing Queen", there just wasn't that energy usually that associates with musicals. One thing I do realize coming out of this Greek tragedy- don't let the stage musical director direct the motion picture. Judging from the enormous audience to the musical, somehow the fun, the spontaneity, the craze seemed lost in between stage and screen.

Oh Meryl, Meryl. Why?

My Obama Underwear


How much of a Obama supporter are you? If you're hardcore, you can purchase the new line of Andrew Christian underwear featuring the Democratic presidential candidate's face on the front and the year '08 on the bum side. It seems more like Obama is supporting you instead you supporting him.... I wonder what other Obama memorabilia are out there. (AndrewChristian)

My Beckham Returns


Once again, David Beckham brings his US Soccer Tour to the metropolitan area when his Los Angeles Galaxy visits the New York Red Bulls. Once again, Peter is opting out in seeing such a match. Why? One, I don't want to go to New Jersey. Two, it's been sold out since the tickets were available to the public. The Daily News wrote a great article regarding Beckham's task of spreading the joys of the sport. I hope the future Scientologist do succeed in getting more Americans excited about the sport of soccer, especially in time for the upcoming 2010 World Cup. (NYDN)

My Frugal Traveler

Picture 2

Ever since I've decided to go to Europe for vacation earlier this summer, I've been gathering tips from various Europeans I know and looking over "must do" attractions from different places. The one thing I've following closely is Matt, the Frugal Europe Traveler over at New York Times. The guy manages to spend under $125 a day, and that's including lodging! My personal favorite so far is his Rome entry. Not only does he grant the little things to do for cheap there, he also manages to navigate you to those places from main attractions such as the Coliseum. 

As August 1st, my take-off date, approaches, I'll be sure to get reading more on what Matt is upto over there in Europe and see if he'll hit anymore spots I know I'd be going once I get there. (NYT)

Friday, July 18, 2008

My 'Hood

N-train Station

It's weird when little Bensonhurst gets showcased for the audience of TimeOut. It's simply not their demographic's scene. I suppose people do like to hang out next to cemeteries, eclectic mixes of non-English speaking stores and restaurants, the lack of transportation to get around, garbage on the side of streets, rawdy teenagers.....

Okay, I lie. It's my pitiful attempt to push away a new crowd of twenty-somethings from moving in on my neighborhood. Things are still cheap and affordable here, down to the 50 cent per pound laundry service. I love all those things, except for those rawdy teenagers- they make me feel old. (TimeOut)

My Patrick Wilson Criticism


Being a huge fan of Patrick Wilson, I can't help but admit how ridiculous he looks in the upcoming Zack Snyder film, "The Watchmen". I hope the undoubted success of this film won't cause Wilson to steer too far away from his roots and go the Gerard Butler route. (EW)

My West Side Story


Since 'Gypsy' was such a big hit,  the 90-year-old Arthur Laurents decided to go ahead with a new production of 'West Side Story'. The catch? It's going to be bilingual! Am I worried? Of course I am. Unlike film, theatre doesn't lend itself to subtitles. If I remember 'West Side Story' correctly, the parts where the Sharks are suppose to speak Spanish are plentiful. I can't help but wonder if this production got greenlit due to the mega-success of 'In The Heights', this year's Tony Award winner for Best Musical. 

For the sake of not alienating the dominant theater audience, I'm sure Laurents and his many, many years of experience will alter the book into something marketable without bending the original vision he had over 50 years ago when 'West Side Story' first set on stage. (NYT)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

My 'Uggly' Errors


C'mon. The pun practically writes itself. Florida Marlins second baseman Dan Uggla had a rough tenth inning during Tuesday's All-Star. Not only did he ground into an inning-ending double with the winning run at third, he proceeded to commit two fielding errors during the bottom half of the inning. 

I know it's a little late, but it just dawned on me how much it reminded me of Chuck Knoblauch back in his error-prone Yankee days at the same location. (AP)

My Initial Emmy Nominations Reaction


I don't know why they keep doing this. Even with the constant rule changes to prevent something like this, it always seem to happen with these Emmy folks. Why do shows like 'Boston Legal' keep getting noticed while shows like 'The Wire', 'Brothers and Sisters', 'Friday Night Lights' and even 'Desperate Housewives', which had a great rebound year, get snubbed? I mean, 'Boston Legal', with the picture above is nominated for best DRAMA series! Anyway, here are a few other things I have an opinion about from this morning's announcement....

- Amy Poehler's groundbreaking nomination in the supporting actress category.
- 'Flight of the Conchords's writing nomination.
- Despite doubts, 'Mad Men' came up big.
- 'Grey's Anatomy' is not nominated for best drama.
- Ashley Jensen's nomination for her better role in 'Extras' oppose to 'Ugly Betty'.

- Movie stars winning the popularity contest. Glenn Close, Sally Field, Kevin Spacey, Ralph Fiennes, Holly Hunter, Tom Wilkinson, Judi Dench, Dianne Wiest, Eileen Atkins, Angelica Huston, Bob Balaban and Robin Williams.... yes, I'm looking at you.
- The supporting actress nominees in the drama category all bother me. Even Rachel Griffiths. 
- 'Friday Night Light' mustered only one nomination, for outstanding casting.
- Ryan Seacrest's first nomination. This is going to go straight to his head.
- James Spader is going to win again, isn't he? 

Click here to catch all the nominees and see what all the middle aged white men nominated besides 'Two and a Half Men'. 

My Jon McLaughlin Experience


Many months ago, I've declared my appreciation for one Jon McLaughlin. So this past Monday, my friends Justin, Larissa and I went to the Bowery Ballroom to his latest concert. Despite playing some of his "bigger" hits from his debut album, Jon played many samples of his sophomore disc, titled "OK Now". To my surprise, most of the newer songs were inspired by 80s pop. 

On our way out of the small venue, I passed Jon and got the chance to meet the guy. The encounter was brief, but he does seem to be a genuinely nice guy and let me take a picture with him. The other thing I got from meeting him? He's like 5'6. Short fella. 


My Four-Month Absence


For the few of you who've actually logged in occasionally prior to my extended, unannounced absence, I do apologize. I really should've said something.... 

If you were wondering what I've been upto in the past few months, I got caught up on one of the best sets ever shooting an independent film pending a 2009 release. Besides that, just little things here and there which I'm sure to blog about. I've really missed the constant typing my thoughts here. I know, excuses... excuses... I'm gonna try harder, I promise.