Friday, October 31, 2008

My Old Time Rock and Roll

Any fan of 'Risky Business', 'Guitar Hero', athletes in shorts would appreciate the spankin' new promo ad for 'Rock Band: World Tour'. It's always fun seeing star powers such as Michael Phelps, Kobe Bryant, Alex Rodriguez and Tony Hawk from different sports come together and "jam". They must've spent oodles to allot those superstars though.... but apparently not enough for Kobe Bryant to get out of his wearing anything above his knees.  

My Annual Homecoming 2008


That's right. This weekend, I'll be there..... and I can't wait a minute longer. Hmm.... why does it look extra phallic here? 

Thursday, October 30, 2008

My Underwear Embarrassment


I don't think Mike Singletary is going to last as a NFL head coach that much longer. He has already been a punchline for sports radio hosts across this nation this week for benching one of his players midgame and now, it's been confirmed during his halftime pep-talk, Singletary dropped his pants to show how embarrassed his team should be at the score. If anything, Singletary got a few laughs because the 49ers still lost. (ESPN)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Halloween Costume Dilemma


Still not sure... Would I rather freeze to death or be asked where's Batman all night? 

My Googlephone


Are they kidding me? The launch the new Googlephone was nothing but a disaster judging from the picture above. I've never even heard of this thing. Then again, I am kind of an iPhone elitist. If you read the guy's shirt it says "I was the first to get it." Insert your own pun-ny joke in the comment section.(NYTimes)

My Tom Ford Directorial Debut


The fashionista who markets perfumes by plastering billboards of a tiny bottle covering a vagina is making his directorial debut. As strange as it is to me that Tom Ford, the former creative director of Gucci, is making the leap with his production company into film, I can't help but feel a little inspired. The man is trying to do it all and from his resume, he has been succeeding in everything. What adds even more "cred" to this debut project is Julianne Moore (!) and Colin Firth are signed on for the adaptation of 'A Single Man', a Christopher Isherwood novel from 1964. I can't wait. If only it was shooting on the east coast.... (Variety)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Mad Men Finale Sunday


Speaking of 'Mad Men', the second season finale airs tonight! I cannot stinkin' wait. 

My SNL Mad Men Parodies

There's no doubt the writers of 'Saturday Night Live' are fans of 'Mad Men', or least they're watching it enough to nail down some very good sketches about the Emmy winner for Best Drama Series. My heart jumped a little when I saw Elizabeth Moss take a break from her Broadway show to make an appearance as her alter ego, Peggy, with John Slattery and host Jon Hamm in a 'Mad Men' sketch. But by far, the funniest tidbit was 'Don Draper's Guide To Picking Up Women'. Even if you're not a 'Mad Men' freak like myself, you'll get a few chuckles.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Hollywood Political Ads

What would happen if directors John Woo, Kevin Smith and Wes Anderson made public service announcement videos for Senator John McCain's bid for presidency? This absurdly funny Youtube video kinda nailed the artistic style of those directors to a tee with John Woo's being my personal favorite.

My Cody Update


My friend Julie asked me why she hasn't read about Cody recently and wondered if he was okay. To answer her, Cody is doing fantastic and as seen in the picture above, he's ready to embrace autumn with his new hoodie.

My Alter Ego

Picture 1

Beyonce's new alter ego, Sasha Fierce, is set to drop an album next month. I've always wondered if alter ego albums has ever been successful. I guess the reason why I have such a negative connotation is because of Garth Brooks and whatever he was that one time that still looked insanely silly to me. 

Also, picking an alter ego name to me sounds an awful lot like choosing a pornstar name- at least it seems just as fun. So I could pick one, I'm going to go with Derek Jeter. Wait, is that already taken? (Yahoo)

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Five Minutes With The Third Man

During my last gig, I had a conversation with the director about the Carol Reed classic, 'The Third Man'. He went on the reveal that he produced a short film with Vincent D'Onofrio about Orson Welles five minutes before he was suppose to perform the now famous cuckoo clock scene. Being a huge fan of the film and discovering such a take on the behind-the-scene with the then gruntled Orson Welles is such a revelation. I'd be very curious as to what other fans of the film think of the Venice Festival 2007 entry.

My New Chef


So last night, me and a few friends had dinner at one of my favorite restaurants in Dumbo, Water Street Restaurant. I've hyped it to them that the garlic calamari is to die for and is what drives me back every single time. Much to my disappointment, they've hired a new chef who decided to throw the old menu out.... including my garlic calamari! The waitress couldn't be nicer about the change and let us other another form of calamari off the menu, but overall... I'm not sure if I want to go back anytime soon. It's sad, I know.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My Monday Mad Men Reaction (10/22)

... on another Wednesday

Picture 1

Poor Joanie. Just when I thought she was going to have it all.... 

My Introduction of Max


See Max? He's the baby on the left, being introduced to Obi (center) and Whitey Ford (on right) with the iPhone in my hand- don't judge.... at least on the outside. I'm a dork.

My 30 Rock Repeat

Picture 1
Granted, I'm probably the worst person to complain about this, but does anyone find the wording weird in this promotional ad for '30 Rock' on Either way, I'm going to log in at midnight tomorrow just in case.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My Red Sox Delight


Welcome to my world, Red Sox fans, welcome to my world. 

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Sunshine Cleaning

My love for Amy Adams is well-documented, my infatuation with Emily Blunt is slowly on the rise, so when I heard about their collaboration got accepted at Sundance earlier this year, I couldn't wait to see a trailer for it. Now, some nine months later, it has finally arrived. Just try not laughing out loud at the last 10 seconds of it... I dare you.

My Second Hand Shoes


It seems to me that a lot of wardrobe doesn't fit me anymore. Either I've grown taller (how!?!) or I've gained a few pound (gasp!) around my waist, it appears I have to donate some of my clothes to people who fit them. What makes me saddest is that a pair of Adidas (show above) given to me by my ex-hall/room/housemate Micah is a part of that problem. I've tried to squeeze into them on multiple occasions but the pain was just not worth it. Trying not to sound Carrie Bradshaw-esque, but those freakin' shoes goes with everything- I've even worn them to a wedding!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My New MacBook

Picture 3

As stated way back in July, Obi died of a sudden power surge. Now comes word of the new, improved and sexier MacBook being launched into the market. I think it's the perfect time to make the leap back in the portable computer world, no?

My Unstable Scaffle


You'd think with all the recent crane problems NYC had this year, this whimpy looking scaffle by Union Square would look more sturdy.

Monday, October 13, 2008

My Mystery Phone Call

I'll admit it- I screen calls when it doesn't come up as someone I know. So this morning, when I got a call a 414, I was curious as to who from who-knows-where wants to get a hold of that early on a Monday morning. After looking up the digits, I realized the said 414 number has been getting a lot of complaints online about being a prank call or a tele-marketer that would not answer if you call back. So unless this Robert Oistech guy from Wisconsin really wants to talk to me, I think I'm going to block him out from now on.

My Happy-Go-Lucky

All the reviews were right. This movie did make me "blissfully happy". From the moment Poppy apologizes for not saying goodbye to her stolen bike, I knew I would have another Junebug in the works. What more is the countless amount of times her life tries to disrupt her positive outlook, she manages to derail them and make a nice spin on it. Another lesson learned from the movies, stay positive and don't take driving lessons with gap-teeth British men.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Monday Mad Men Reaction (10/8)

... on a Wednesday.

Picture 3

"Stop being nice, Don. No one can see it."

Oh when will Don's brute force take over in this marriage?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Ubiquitous Ryan Seacrest


How is this man still everywhere? Hasn't the 'American Idol' boat set sail yet? He nabbed another job this week hosting the noon radio show at Z100... (NYDN)

My More Successful Alter Egos

Picture 2

According to IMDB, I'm the seventh of the current eight Peter Chans to have a film credit- not too shabby considering how many people have the same name out there. So, being the vain person that I can be, I've discovered that I have the third most credit after the producer from Thailand with over 20 films under his belt and the special effects guy who worked on the first Harry Potter. They've got nothing on me though, I worked a short film about a gay man who was impregnanted by his one night stand.

Whatever self gratification gets me through the day....

My OK Now!

Picture 1

Back in July, I got the chance to meet Jon McLaughlin after his show at the Bowery. Fast-forward to today when his sophomore disc, 'Ok Now!', finally drops. Although it is not as "independent" as his debut effort, there is a wide range of genres to showcase Jon's talents- especially his voice and his piano player skillz (yes, that was a Z). Notable tracks include the jazz inspired 'Why I'm Talking To You' and 'Four Years', a song after the nonsense of high school popularity that I relate even though it has been over eight years after the matter of fact. 

Sunday, October 5, 2008

My Friday Night Lights Reaction (10/5)

Picture 1

"You've got a franchise under your nose, all you gotta do is sniff."

My Ten-Day Syndrome


I've had this theory since my earlier days in this industry known as indie-filmmaking. Much like summer camp when you're younger and college groups when you're older, being around the same group of people after 12-15 hours a day for 3 weeks plus can only result in emotional and/or physical attraction if you're single. This, my friend, is known as  'The Ten-Day Syndrome'. Someone who you thought was a nice girl/guy during day one of shooting suddenly turns into someone who can bring a smile to your face just by walking near you by the time you've reach day 10. 

Perhaps this blog entry is more exclusive to my film colleagues, but I'm sure most people can relate. 

(Note: Thanks to Alexandra for the pic above)