Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Broadway Closures


A pair of Broadway shows are set to close in mid-October. One of which I'm sad to see go, another I thought should've gone a whole lot sooner. Both 'title of show' and 'Legally Blonde" are set to close on Broadway their brief runs- with the former closing after just 3 months under the lights.

It's sad to see creative shows with substance go unnoticed, but obviously that's not the first time and it certainly won't be the last. So go catch 'title of show' at the Lyceum Theatre this week and while you're heading downtown, snicker at the fact that 'Legally Blonde' is closing after this numerous attempts to revive the show with their MTV tie-ins. 

Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Itty Bitty Birthday Bash


Yes, it was indeed my 26th birthday last week and as I've grown to realize I'm not a fan of big crowd gatherings, I had a few friends over for a quiet rooftop dinner overlooking the memorial WTC light beams and the chilly Bensonhurst night.


Oh, what a night to have takeout and wine with a few buds on the roof.

My Quantum Of Solace Theme Song


I don't know what to make of the new theme song 'Another Way To Die' from Alicia Keys and Jack White for the upcoming 'Quantum Of Solace'. Although I appreciate and dig the retro throwback sound, it rapidly grew old and tiresome. Maybe I need another listen or two. Judge for yourself.

My Baseball Hatin' Self


So yeah, my Yankees have been out of the running for the playoffs for quite some time now and to channel that frustration and to relieve myself from this said disappointment, I keep telling myself that it's a "rebuilding year", which is kinda is- but it's not enough. What would be enough is if the season ended today, both the Red Sox and the Mets will lose their division.... that would be enough. I'm just sayin'.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Brokeback To The Future

It's amazing how some people have so much time to entertain me. In yet another Youtube find (with over 5 million hits), check out the trailer for 'Brokeback To The Future'.

My Fashion Police


Yes, it's been awhile since the last blog. Just take it as another occasion where Peter got stuck into working another feature.

A Florida judge has deemed wearing pants low enough to see your underwear is legal after a man who got arrested and spent a night in jail because a police officer spotted him wearing the said "low hangers". The police officer apparently thought he was a suspicious being from his choice of clothing and you guess what? He has a history of marijuana use. Strange how some of these stereotypical things are actual stereotypes. (Yahoo)

My Monday Mad Men Reactions (9/17)

.... on a Wednesday.

Picture 1

"You embarrassed me."


Oh Ken Cosgrove, you have no have idea what you're in for.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Shopping Excursion


This is the line I encountered at the supermarket last week.

My Novak Djokovic 180

I was a huge fan of Novak Djokovic prior to 2008. His playfulness was something new to the men's circuit full of players who are seen as "business determined". Not to say Djokovic was not determined to win, but his youthfulness was something I'm used to considering Roger Federer has been my favorite player for 5/6 years now. So what changed? Why has many fans including myself turned sour on our favorite Serb? My answer- winning the Australian Open.

Everything changed when his captured his first grand slam title. For starters, it doesn't help when your family is highly unlikable. With mother Djokovic yelling "The king is dead. Long live the king." in reference to her son's victory over Roger Federer and the constant army-like chants from his brothers, it's easy to turn that in likability. After his Open win, Novak's crossed that fine line between confidence (Nadal) and arrogance (Roddick) and fans noticed quickly. The capper? His comments towards the US Open crowd (with my friends Mark & Cheryl in tow) about how they are all against him. It's a bad to say to any tennis crowd, especially the US Open crowd. A round of loud boos followed and the effect of his first boo-birds were definitely felt during his semi-finals match against Federer.

I hope he learned his lesson. Either that, or become one of the greatest villains in tennis ever had. We haven't had a bad guy in tennis for awhile.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My 90210 Quickie Review

90210 new cast

Back in the early 1990s when the much younger version of me arrived in America, a few things got me off the boat and settled into the "American" lifestyle. One of them was daily reruns of 'Beverly Hills, 90210', it's sad but it's true. I then proceed to follow this then-groundbreaking series until it's cancellation in 2000, once again sad but true. I've seen the old favorites come and go and come back again (Luke Perry), new characters that stuck around long enough before moving on to better things (Hilary Swank) and some characters that changed hairstyles more often than I change underwear (Tori Spelling), so when I heard initally the CW was going to revived the series into a spinoff, I was a little psyched how this younger and more exposed generation of viewers will adapted and accept my favorite TV zip code and to see myself how much things changed for high school on TV.

To be honest, the pilot episode was hardly a spinoff. If anything, it's a remake of the original series with a few old favorites coming back. The high profiled series debut took no time to induce heavy drama. Within 30 minutes, we've a girl catching her old frame receiving oral sex in a car, an adopted brother taking revenge on his fellow teammate but using his own sister and a blogger trashing the new girl in school- this is all before I could even remember who's who. That is one thing I believe this show is going to have to trim down on... the amount of characters it has to juggle on its plate- especially if they intend to continuously throw Kelly Taylor back in the story loop.

No doubt the breakout star here is Shenae Grimes (Sorry Tristan!). Not only does she have the most screen time, Grimes mastered the the entire 'New Girl in Beverly Hills' look pretty well. Will I watch again? Sure, but it's on thin-ice... except for you Kelly, you're in thick water (?).