Friday, August 29, 2008

My Initial Sarah Palin Reaction


I'm not going to lie. Sarah Palin is a very smart choice for John McCain. So smart that I'm sure the Obama camp is suddenly shakened by the fact that the "freshness" has transferred to the GOP side. Palin covers so much left over by Hillary Clinton and adds on that good ol' red state politics. Does choosing Palin seem like a panic pick? A little bit. Does this suddenly make me want to put my independent ballot on Republican side? Uh... let's not go crazy here. (NYT)

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Kwai said...

I don't think so. McCain just took his experience off the table. Picking a VP is the only presidential decision you get to make while being a candidate. He picked a lightweight with no foreign policy experience and no set of accomplishments heavily riddled in her own mess of scandals in Alaska. This is a pretty bad pick for him.