Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Broadway Closures


A pair of Broadway shows are set to close in mid-October. One of which I'm sad to see go, another I thought should've gone a whole lot sooner. Both 'title of show' and 'Legally Blonde" are set to close on Broadway their brief runs- with the former closing after just 3 months under the lights.

It's sad to see creative shows with substance go unnoticed, but obviously that's not the first time and it certainly won't be the last. So go catch 'title of show' at the Lyceum Theatre this week and while you're heading downtown, snicker at the fact that 'Legally Blonde' is closing after this numerous attempts to revive the show with their MTV tie-ins. 


William said...

I went to see '9 to 5' last weekend (which will be hitting your city next April, I think). It was really good and recommend you check it out when it arrives. While at the Ahmanson, I saw ads for a couple of shows that are coming to LA and 'Legally Blonde' was one of them. I take it it's not worth the money? I'm looking forward to 'Spring Awakening,' which starts at the end of the month!worship

Peter Chan said...

it's absolutely horrible. After the infectious (and passable) opening number, the show just drags out until another passable number ('so much better').... It evens has an epilogue like the film did. I'm sure the show only got worse since they're taking their lead from MTV reality.