Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Five Minutes With The Third Man

During my last gig, I had a conversation with the director about the Carol Reed classic, 'The Third Man'. He went on the reveal that he produced a short film with Vincent D'Onofrio about Orson Welles five minutes before he was suppose to perform the now famous cuckoo clock scene. Being a huge fan of the film and discovering such a take on the behind-the-scene with the then gruntled Orson Welles is such a revelation. I'd be very curious as to what other fans of the film think of the Venice Festival 2007 entry.


val said...

Vincent D'Onofrio fans (and we are many!) were delighted when this appeared on YouTube, we'd waited so long to see it. General consensus was it is a fantastic piece. VDO was great as Welles. And yes, it was an interesting idea as to how the Cuckoo Clock scene came about. It also sent some people to watch, if not the whole film, at least that scene.

Lozzie Cap said...

I was grateful that VDO posted that film too - now, asides being an admirer of Vincent's, I am now a full-on Orson Welles fan, too.