Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Peterio Awards (Part One: Best Actress In A Dramatic Television Series)


With the best written female role on television, Elisabeth Moss ('Mad Men') transforms Peggy Olsen into someone you root for even though you're not sure if she is going to be the ultimate villain to Jon Hamm's Don Draper. And with each passing moment, the very determined character plots her way to a higher reputation at Sterling Cooper. It is Moss's decision of replacing jubilant with entitlement in Peggy that makes her a force you root for and at the same fear. Check out her Emmy reel (with uber-spoilers) for next year...

Other Notable Nominees: Connie Britton ('Friday Night Lights'), Sally Field & Rachel Griffiths ('Brothers & Sisters'), Christina Hendricks ('Mad Men'), Laura Linney ('John Adams')

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