Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Search For a New Roommate

After all the recent drama with our last roommate, we decided to take a month off to recover before searching and releasing our third room out to rent. So here it goes, it's a bargain! If you're searching for a play to live in the NYC area (south Brooklyn, in particular) or you want lower your rent per month, now is your chance to join the club of having the 11214 zip code on your mail. 


Picture 2
The room itself is pretty decent size. In fact, I took two pictures and still couldn't get the entire room to fit. It has 3 large windows with plenty of sunlight, 2 full size closets and additional storage space above them. See? Even Larissa stores her things here while she's on her European Adventure. 


You would share a huge living room, a pretty big kitchen space, 1 and a half bath AND a private roof where we occasionally have barbecues and dinners with a view of the top of the Verrazano Bridge.


As for the low cost I was talking about? For the time being your rent would be just $440 a month not including utilities. We currently have gas, electric and internet bills to pay, which would normally divide up to a little less than $80 per month for each person. We don't have television right now, but that can always be reinstated. There's  small possibility of the rent jumping in July or August to $500 per month if the landlord decides to raise it.

Some last notes, when we say south Brooklyn.. we mean south Brooklyn. Not Park Slope or Sunset Park. We're in the Bath Beach/ Bensonhurst area. Approximately 40 minutes from Midtown on the D Train (which is 3 blocks away). To give those gentrified residents a sense of where we are, here's a quick map:


So you think you're ready to snatch this great deal? We're hoping to get someone by July 1st. You can even move in earlier since the room is currently only occupied on occasion by Cody (pictured dog on the left bar). If you're interested call me (347)-403-0175 and leave a message (I don't pick up strange numbers) or email me


This could be you. 

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Get me a well paying government job and it's a deal...