Thursday, June 4, 2009

My Soccer Meltdown


Let's just face it. It was a horrible game. When you don't have a shot on goal by half time and your opponent already has two AND home country advantage, things just don't look too good in your favor. After a miserable 3-0 loss to Costa Rica for their first World Cup qualifier defeat, the US Soccer faces a lot of questions that will need to be answered by Saturday's match against Honduras. Where was the offense? Where was the defense? What happens now when Michael Bradley is ineligible for Saturday with his second yellow card last night? 

Geez, and now for my one major bone to pick with FIFA, how in the world was that field FIFA approved? It looked like green asphalt. The ball literally picks up gravel when it rolls 10 feet. Anyway, let's hope the game in Chicago this weekend goes better- because it won't get any worse. Surprisingly, even after last night's debacle, the US National Team moved up in world rankings to 14th

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Tom Siwicki said...

I agree. Terrible game for the U.S., and that was probably the worst soccer field I've ever seen. The defense was so bad, I actually felt bad for Tim Howard. Hopefully they can turn it around on Saturday!