Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Barely Positive Harry Potter Review


While the familiar story of Harry Potter versus Voldemort continues to play in this stalling chapter of the ever-popular series, the latest film entry couldn't shake off the same problem its source material encountered- feeling like an incomplete prelude to a perfect final storm. On one hand, returning screenwriter Steve Kloves and director David Yates managed to hit the plot points to set up the said final chapter due out in the next two years, they've seem to forget the sixth installment is a film on its own.

But where the two most important ingredient lacked in focus, literally everyone else on the cast and crew noticeably picked it up a notch. Cinematographer Bruno Delbonnel's gorgeous and poetic vision is nothing short of breathtaking, so often in the lengthy film I found myself wowed and awestruck by just how a frame can be translated into an art piece hung up in a museum (Translation: 2009 Peterio Award nomination). The art direction also continued to dazzle with the addition of a few Hogwarts locations beautifully depicted while not compromising the original geography of the wizardry world.

Which leads me to the cast. With much to bore me with the content of the film, the ever increasingly talented cast led by Daniel Radcliffe pulled in some solid performances. It's hard not to grow on your character after six attempts and it's very evident that the cast is very comfortable in the shoes they stepped in over 8 years ago- most noticeably Tom Felton as the emotionally tortured Draco Malfoy and MVP Alan Rickman who continues to soar as Severus Snape.

Yes, the film was disappointing but it has definitely succeeded in tying me over to the action packed final chapters by other unexpected means.

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