Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Obi Is Dying

So it appears I'll be bringing Obi, my laptop, to Tekserve for its last hurrah. What wrong with him? Between the overheating and my need for extra RAM he doesn't have, Obi has recently resorted to crashing. And now, after a short circuit incident, it appears his power adapter is burnt out as well. The good news? I'm told I'd be able to extract all of Obi's files onto a hard drive. Between this and Goldmember, it's been a rough calendar year for the techie department in my life. So you heard first here folks, Peterio is in the market for a new laptop.... a Mac, of course.


Kyle Leaman said...

I can't remember, was Obi a Mac? If so, do you realize that your not allowed to post Mac problems on the internet, Mac tries to keep this covered up? I'd watch your back.

Peter Chan said...

yeah.... Obi is a powerbook, they're those things Apple made before everyone bought them and turned them into the current macbooks.