Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Christmas List 2008


Yes. It's true. I need to make a list. I've been told numerous times I'm one of the most difficult people to shop for. So to avoid headaches, I've complied this list of gifts under $30 bucks.

- Mad Men Season One On DVD, because I am still in love with Peggy Olsen.
'Julius Caesar' (1953) Movie Poster, so it can match the other Brando madness in my room.
- Magazine Frame (8.5' x 10'), because I'm getting a magazine I want to frame.
- Green Woolie Flap Beanie Hat, because skating in Bryant Park made me want one.
- Playbill Yearbook 2007-2008 Edition, because I don't get one for free anymore.
- Whitest Kids U Know Comedy Sketch Tickets, because their humor is up my alley.
- Crocodile Dentist Game, I had one when I was a kid and always wondered where it disappeared to.
- Skinny Black Tie, because every guy this century should have one.

Not too shabby.

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