Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My Election Day Photo Blog


Unlike most of this nation, the only person who was in line at my voting precinct was this old lady.


Once inside, I looked at the vast amount of volunteers who were waiting for people to vote.


Once inside my secret booth, I looked at the balloting system my state has to offer. It looks confusing, but there has never been a problem with the knobs system.


See? No problem.


I even rewarded myself afterwards for being a good American by getting my complimentary Starbucks Coffee... which I proceeded to throw away across the street.


After waiting for hours for a result, my fist hits the air in jubilation much like the rest of this country, but not like most of my friends.


Erica said...

i have NEVER heard of this knob system. do you reset them when done? how does this work?

Monica said...

Your knob system baffles me too. Please explain. It looks as old as McCain so how could it possibly work?

Peter Chan said...

yes, new york does have one of the oldest voting booth system... the way this works and that you turn the knob to your picks and an 'X' as demonstrated in closeup picture with obama will indicate. afetrwards, you pull a level from left to right (no joke!) and an indented ballot with all your choices shows up to the vote counters. no hanging chads... no electronic errors... just plain out stamp and imprint system.

Erica said...

so it imprints what you want and you turn the card in afterwards?