Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Quickie Australia Review


Seeing how it is Baz Luhrmann's followup to 'Moulin Rouge!', it's no surprise I was eagerly awaiting 'Australia's release. While it's nowhere near the mastery that was his last work, Luhrmann's latest effort is nothing to pout about. The throwback to old Hollywood is evident and true, down to the over-the-top villain with the skinny mustache and it seems the mostly veteran cast understood that as well. Both Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman contributed to the Clark Gable/ Vivien Leigh dymanic while modernizing their performances for this century. The film even had chapters lining an overall, arching story similar to 'Gone With The Wind's story structure.

If there's one word to summarize the film, it's ambitious... maybe even overambitious, but I expected nothing less from Luhrmann. Afterall, he threw in an added bonus. Kidman sings a little, and that's always a good thing in my book. 

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Erica said...

For what it's worth I loved Australia! But then again, I don't see that many movies :) Nullah was too cute wasn't he?