Sunday, November 16, 2008

My Proposition 8 Protest Photo Blog

I was fortunate and proud to show my support (along with roomie Carl and buddy Vanessa) for those opposing Proposition 8 yesterday at City Hall. Here's my photo entry.


We were greeted with chants of malcontent once we got off the subway stop.


The crowd actually gathered a little further down from City Hall.


There was an apparent 4,000 (?) people at the peaceful protest.


Best thing about protests?  The homemade signs. The one above was my personal favorite. Another one we saw was a straight couple across the street with the wife's saying "Every man deserves a husband like mine." and the husband's saying "Every woman deserves a wife like mine." They were showered with "awwwws".


After the rally, sign owners "donated" their art to City Hall.

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