Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Peterio Awards (Part Five: Best Actor In A Dramatic Television Series)

Picture 1

Known more for his comedic talents, Bryan Cranston raised eyebrows with his vivid portrayal of Walter White in AMC's other series 'Breaking Bad'. What can easily be written off as an one-note character, Cranston injects an ongoing tension between himself and others around him that translates into something relatable and eye-opening to an audience with no prior experiences as farfetched and complicated as his. What's even better is that he even capture that same energy in scenes where there are no other actors involved. Take a look....

Other Notable Nominees: Kyle Chandler & Scott Porter ('Friday Night Lights'), Paul Giamatti & Tom Wilkinson ('John Adams'), Jon Hamm ('Mad Men'), Matthew Rhys ('Brothers & Sisters'), Stark Sands & Alexander Skarsgard ('Generation Kill').

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