Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Peterio Awards (Part Fourteen: Best Sports Team)


A little biased, but a team with three playoff wins on the road preceding perhaps what may be the greatest upset in Superbowl history kind of cements Best Sports Team status in my book. The New York Giants went against the critics' odds and prediction to win at Tampa Bay, win at Dallas(!), win at Green Bay(!!) and then the ultimate football figurative giants, the New England Patriots (!!!). To follow then miraculous playoff season by defying more critics and clinching the NFC's number one just solidify their place amongst the greatest calendar year in the NFL.

Other Notable Nominees: Boston Celtics (basketball), Detroit Red Wings (hockey), Fresno State Bulldogs (college baseball), US Men's Basketball Team (Olympic basketball) & US Men's 4x100 freestyle relay (Olympic swimming)


Kyle Leaman said...

Don't want to seem picky, but wouldn't you say that the giants were are 2007 team?

Peter Chan said...

I'm counting the 2008 calendar year (January to December), the Superbowl occurred in January and this past regular season occurred from September to December.