Sunday, January 4, 2009

My Peterio Awards (Part Twelve: Best Individual Sports Play)


Too many to choose from, the runner-ups in this category has nothing to be ashamed about. But it came down to it, Eli Manning's escaped sack to throw a ball David Tyree glued to his helmet topped the chart for me. At stake was the last shot to upset the then-undefeated New England Patriots for the Superbowl and perhaps the greatest upset in the title game's history and with all that on the line, the poise to naturally choreograph such a play by both Manning and Tyree had the Giants fanatic in my cheer and gasp even louder and longer. 

Other Notable Nominees: Usain Bolt's record blazing 100m race (running), Rick Nash navigating through 5 players to score a goal (hockey), Michael Phelps's final leap during the Men's 100 butterfly (swimming) & Ty Roger's last second three pointer to upset Drake (college basketball).

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