Saturday, January 3, 2009

My Peterio Awards (Part Ten: Best Individual Athlete)

Phelps men's journal

Was there even a doubt Michael Phelps would headline many sports outlets' year-end lists? Not only did the Olympic hero manage to capture the most gold medals (8, for those who lost count) in a single Olympic, he also got the entire nation to cheer for the theatrical ways he finished some of those races making the Beijing Summer Games one of those most Olympics in recent history. Sure, we might hear of Phelps for another four years until London, but the roar and impact he made in those two weeks in August would sustain his legacy more than enough to last us until then. It was impossible to find Olympic footage due to copyright infringement, so I got this 2007 Olympics Trial instead, the magic is still there. 

Other Notable Nominees: Usain Bolt (runner), Kobe Bryant (basketball), LeBron James (basketball) & Tim Tebow (college football)

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Kyle Leaman said...

You should have put a "Not Safe For Work" warning on that Phelps picture. Pulled that up while at the teller station and hopefully no one saw. :)