Friday, January 2, 2009

My Peterio Awards (Part Nine: Best Comedy Television Series)


So you're probably tired of my continuous praise for 30 Rock in the last few days. Well, guess what? It deserves every ounce of my respect for being the only show on television that can get me to chuckle, not smile or be amused, but actual chuckle. The chuckling is quite disturbing, that's why I don't do it often. At the top of its game, 30 Rock can swing from a long setup joke ('Fake Oprah') to a 3-second cutaway that's so ridiculously absurd and strange ('Synchronized Running') and have equal amount of laughs from both. Now when are they going to bring Floyd back for our Liz?

Other Notable Nominees: 'The Big Bang Theory' (CBS), 'How I Met Your Mother' (CBS), 'The Life and Times of Tim' (HBO) & 'Weeds' (Showtime) 


Kyle Leaman said...

How in the world does a 2 minute replay take 3 minutes and 8 seconds?

Great show, but do you think that it falls prey to a throw everything against the wall mentality and see what sticks mentality? This clip reminded me of how much I liked the idea of Jack at Washington, but then they close down the idea before it gets started. The Office has taken to doing this as well. It just isn't my taste.

ChillwithWill said...

I've practically given up on all other television. 30 ROCK is the only show I actually make an effort to catch every week.

Peter Chan said...

Will, don't say that. FNL returns to broadcast TV in weeks!