Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Gay Plays


Count 'em, there's currently not one, not two, not three, but FOUR gay-themed plays on New York stages right now. New York Times highlighted this recent surge in a detailed article that also discuss the transition of gay theatre from being political-themed to a more relationship oriented-themed. I've already been anticipating the Off-Broadway transfer 'Next Fall' since... well, when it was Off-Broadway last year and sold out after three extensions. Also, I'm eager to see Hugh Dancy on stage again ('Journey's End' being the first time) and see how nice he can play with Ben Whishaw in 'The Pride'.

One thing does puzzle me. Reading the synopsis of all these plays, it sure sounds like they're all downers and got me thinking- why is it the critically acclaimed gay themed entertainment of late all involve some sort of depression and angst? Is it the concept of being oppressed that easily relatable? Or is the feeling of not being able to be with someone you love that universal? Or is just simply the current cultural divide on gay rights that evoke such an artistic surge?

I can't wait to see a dramatic film or stage production where one half of a gay duo isn't inflicted physical harm and still come out on top- enter 'I Love You, Philip Morris'. (NYT)

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