Friday, February 12, 2010

My Hong Kong Flight Photos

Ah, the luxury of having a sibling who can get you first class seats on an international flight....

Yes, LEG room!

Not even two hours into the flight, I was offered to booze up. Yes, they're all mine.

The pre-meal snack.

I scoffed down the soup and appetizer so I didn't
get the chance take that picture, but the main course... beef.

To cap it off, a nice little vanilla ice-cream dessert
with a chocolate swirly stick. All the above
was just the FIRST meal.

Dinner and a movie? I was ecstatic that Peterio Award
nominee for Best Picture "The September Issue" was showing.

I've never seen a plane flying under another one
ten hours into a flight. Object was definitely closer
than they appear in this picture.

The beautiful Alaskan landscape,
sans Levi Johnston or Sarah Palin.

I can definitely get use to this "lifestyle".

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Kyle Leaman said...

No wonder you went on the trip