Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Oscar Shorts!


Since 2003, the Academy of Motion Picture of Arts and Sciences (The Oscars folks) have been screening their nominees for short film live action and short film animation during an one-day event. I was fortunate enough to get a hold a few tickets five years ago and still remember vividly meeting Andrea Arnold (director of 'Fish Tank') at the event right before she won her Oscar for the short film 'Wasp'.

This year, the tickets for the New York rendition of the event (LA also holds one) are on sale and I made sure I got my tickets so not only will I have a clue to what I'm watching during the Oscars when these short film categories arise but also meet future successful filmmakers. It's safe to spread the word now since I just printed my tickets, but hurry... it's an extremely small screening room and tickets will no doubt be sold out soon due to A) its popularity and B) it's ridiculously low price of $5. So go get your tickets now if you're in the NYC area on the 27th.

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