Thursday, May 28, 2009

My 9 Dollar Flight

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I sense a "5-dolluh footlong" jingle coming for the new airline JetAmerica when they announced the first 9 to 19 seats on each of their flights will cost nine bucks! Sure, there are the additional fees such as bag checking, 9/11 security fee, airport fee and etc, but even with that it can't escalate to more than $50 each way. So where does this subsidiary of JetBlue fly exactly? Midsize towns such as Lansing (MI), Melbourne (FL), Toledo (OH), South Bend (IN), St. Paul (MN) and Newark (NJ)... Hmm, all these cities seem to be awfully close to a grander city. So one can make a case for traveling from Central Florida to, let's say, New York City for $100 being a bargain, no? ::snickers:: (Yahoo)

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William said...

This is too funny. My name is William Chung and I am searching for the cheapest flight from Melbourne, FL to New York. What seems to be ironic is the fact, my uncle his name is Peter Chan from Hong Kong but now resides in Melbourne as well. How ironic.