Friday, May 15, 2009

My Coney Island Friday

Originally, my plan was to attend the opening of Festival By The Sea at Coney Island. But once I got there, I was notified the festivities has been postponed until next Friday so I guess I'll make my contribution then. Making the most of my first visit to Coney Island in about ten months, I decided to venture and while I'm at it, snap it a few photos- and boy, was I glad I did. I ended up taking of my favorite Brooklyn picture ever:


A man repainting his food stand by the boardwalk in preparation for the upcoming season of Coney Island's unique combination of the ghetto and an amusement. There's something where simple and elegant about it.

Even though the area looks just as desolate as it does in the winter, there are many traces and anticipation for the summer. Tourists are already lining up for their Nathan's Hot Dogs, swimmers are already trespassing the beach and of course, the mechanics are checking the carnival rides. Maybe next Friday, more things will open.

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