Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Unaired Pilots

Every television pilot season, there seems to be a show that doesn't get pick up by the networks that puzzles the entire community. In years past, we've seem a very bankable 'Aquaman' squandered by The CW, the sitcom 'New Car Smell' starring Brooke Shields passed over and 'The IT Crowd' an Office-esque comedy set in a technicians office. 

This year, there were a couple of head scratchers as well. NBC opted to not pick up David E. Kelley's ('The Practice', 'Ally McBeal' & 'Boston Legal') comedy starring Kristen Chenoweth titled 'Legally Mad' and in another attempt to become non-significant and a step towards below mediocrity, The CW decides not to pick up their one pilot with any brains 'Body Politic' that would cater to their demographic while giving them a slight bit of credibility. 

I know I've never ran a network but if what CW Programming Director Dawn Ostroff for the past few years produced only one hit show ('Gossip Girl') while shooting the rest of the network down the rating spiral, isn't time for a change in the game plan? 

Check out what could've been The CW's small step towards ditching the "white people with problems" stigma below. And think about how shows like 'Melrose Place 2.0', 'The Vampire Diaries' and 'The Beautiful Life' are going to be on the air instead of this. 

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