Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Day at Coney Island

Before the inevitable closing of the parks in Coney Island, I took my out-of-town friend Justin to visit the famed ghetto theme park in his continuing search of not-so-typical New York experiences. Looking at the empty boardwalks, the empty parks and the only place that seem to have people is the Nathan's. So of course, we ate there. 

It's a personal story what's happening to Coney Island. The city is trying to clean up the place, but both Astroland and Deno's Amusement Park wants to stay there. I mean, the least the parks can do is do some maintenance work to make it not as tragic and desolate looking. It's an odd New York experience visiting Coney Island this time of year, but nonetheless, it is one- especially in the cold. 

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