Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Madonna-Mariah Showdown

I'm usually slow when it comes to radio hits. It takes me about few weeks before I really "get" the song. So with the releases of heavyweights Madonna's '4 Minutes to Save The World' and Mariah's "Touch My Body", I was patient before giving final judgment. Well, the waiting period is over and I'm really to judge the divas. 

While '4 Minutes' gets some outside help from Justin Timberlake and producer Timbaland to help Madonna venture the R&B world, the signature Timbaland beats and thumps overwhelm Madonna's vocals.

At first, I hated 'Touch My Body', but after multiple listens, a SNL performance and a music video featuring Kenneth the Page (Jack McBrayer), I'm hooked. I believe Carey is only three #1 singles away from taking that record away from The Beatles. 

So, the opening round goes MC. But there is one thing Madonna has over Mariah... that album cover and album name. E=MC2? Boo. 

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