Sunday, March 16, 2008

My Sound of Music Testimonies

I was more than delighted when I saw that Nathaniel over at the Film Experience notified his readers about 'The Sound of Music' playing at the Ziegfeld- and tonight, I went with two very unlikely candidates. First, my roommate, Carl, who has NEVER seen it and second, Justin, a buddy of mine from out of town who was just happy to have a NY experience. After watching it, the three of us couldn't have more different opinions. Here are our testimonies...

1. Carl, 23, roommate, never seen 'The Sound of Music', "Of course I've heard about the nostalgia surrounding this movie. I just never got around to see it. It's not my favorite musical, but it's definitely one of the better ones in the genre. I think it's partially because I didn't watch it as a kid."

2. Justin, 23, out-of-town friend, last seen 'The Sound of Music' as a kid', "I don't remember much from the what I saw as a child. I just remember the singing and some of the songs. Watching it again after all these years at this amazing theater was pretty cool. I'm glad there are some theaters still playing older classics."

3. Peter, 25, musical softee, last seen 'The Sound of Music' last week, "I wanted to be a Von Trapp kid growing up. I can only wish this was my first 'Sound of Music' experience. The perfect setting for a personal favorite. Seeing the large landscapes and production the way they were meant to be seen will be no doubt be near the top of my existing list of cinematic experiences."

Okay. That last one was a little bias. :P

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