Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Amazing Race 16 Wrap-Up

So after traveling around five continents around the world, the winners for Season 16 of The Amazing Race is finally crowned. Just in case readers haven't gotten around to watching the thrill ride of a finale just yet, I'll refrain from revealing the winners until the end of this season recap blog. So, on to the awards!

Most Entertaining Team:
Team Cowboys
Every week they've managed to find ways to use their country charms to
turn their adventures in foreign countries into an episode of 'Howdy Doody'.
Runner-Ups: Team Brothers & Team Big Brother

Most Boring Team:
Team Father/Daughter
While likable, they had less charisma than teams that were eliminated
early on to the point their screentime didn't even exceed a minute.
Runner-Ups: Team Lawyers & Team Joe and Heidi

Most Likable Team:
Team Cowboys
Without a doubt, the fan favorites for this season.
Runner-Ups: Team Brothers & Team Big Brother

Least Likable Team:
Team Joe & Heidi
This one is all on Joe. He single-handedly put arrogance to a new level.
Runner-Ups: Team Models & Team Lesbians

Best Team Chemistry:
Team Brothers
No other team showed the kind of support for each other like these two.
They knew what the other was capable and not capable of doing and won't
push the envelope too far.
Runner-Ups: Team Cowboys & Team Detectives

The Luckiest Team:
Team Models
Each week became a head scratcher as fans wonder how these two
managed to fumble and tumble their way to the final three.
Runner-Ups: Team Cowboys & Team Brothers

Best Individual Player:
Steve (Team Father/Daughter)
Making wise decisions (leaving the backpacks) and good moves (ducktaping
that car), Steve seem to know what to do in all the right moments.
Runner-Ups: Jet (Team Cowboys) & Cord (Team Cowboys)

Worst Individual Player:
Jordan (Team Big Brother)
Didn't contribute once to the team and actually dragging the team behind,
forcing teammate Jeff to carry the weight until it became way too much.
Runner-Ups: Jody (Team Grandma/Granddaughter) and Adrian (Team Sweethearts)

Team Cowboys
The apparent frontrunners after 2 episodes, their clean game got them far
in midst of near-eliminations and obstacles.
Runner-Ups: Team Father/Daughter & Team Big Brothers

Team Lesbians
They sure were mean, bitchy and judgmental. Brandy's Cruella Deville
impression might as well one of herself.
Runner-Ups: Team Models & Team Detectives

So there ya go. Another globe-trotting season of The Amazing Race. Regarding the finale, I had a strong inkling last week that Dan and Jordan would somehow manage to pull out this win. What I didn't expect was their initial catty-ness and cutthroat method to get there in the beginning, it's the strongest (and right) move and they shouldn't be judged for it. It's a million dollars, afterall! It turns out Brent & Caite were no factor at all and it appears the virtual reality world was too much for Jet & Cord to overcome.

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Jill Mader said...

Great points! I would have put Dan from the brothers as one of the stronger members though, rather than Cord.