Friday, May 28, 2010

My Weddings Galore


The last few weeks has been ridiculously busy. Between work and the various out-of-town trips, I barely to time to collect my own thoughts- not even having a moment to plot an entry or two on the ol' blog. So yeah, this is one of them personal thoughts blog entries. It's what happens when you're awake at 2:30 in the morning in the New York heat.

I attended my fourth wedding of 2010 this past weekend and am going to go to my fifth wedding this upcoming Memorial Day weekend. To top it off, there's three more to go after before the summer of weddings is over. Yes, I'm usually pretty good at going to these things without dates after getting lots of practice shortly after college of just showing up and fulfill my duties for the happy couple.

But man, maybe I'm getting old(er) or the age of the betrothed are getting younger, but it's starting to take its toll. Being single has its perks obviously but one has got to wonder when you're badgered by weddings after weddings, rather or not it's time to catch my designated fish in the sea everyone's talking about.

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