Saturday, May 1, 2010

My Cliffhanger Strategy


Disney is employing the cliffhanger strategy for this summer's Pixar film 'Toy Story 3', releasing only the first 65 minutes of the film in college markets before cutting to black and sending the audience home. A few questions come to mind when I heard about this. Why would 'Toy Story 3' need a risky marketing tool when it's one of the surest blockbuster hits on the summer? Are college kids really the demographic they're concerned about? And is this overall a good idea?

Another thing I have to wonder if that if I would want to pay for a full price ticket when the film is actually release so I could sit through the first half of the film again just to see the second half. I don't think I have the patience for that- especially for a film I'm eagerly anticipating. I can't help but think of this ploy being similar to theatre (shocker!), where the audience has the option to walk out during the intermission if they deem they longer want to see the rest of the show after the first act. (NYT)

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