Friday, May 7, 2010

My Quickies (v.5.7.10)


- Full Eyes, Clear Hearts, Can't Lose: While the fourth season of Friday Night Lights has already aired on DirecTV last winter, the network broadcast premiere on NBC begins tonight. Get ready for the show's best season since its freshman effort. (NBC)

- The "Bieber": Similar to "The Rachel" haircut of the 90s, Justin Bieber's haircut became very popular with the tween boys community- except they're too embarrassed to ask "The Bieber" at their local barbershops. (NYT)

- Same Ol' Love Story: Believing firmly of the "Don't fix what's not broken" philsophy, Taylor Swift tells MTV that her third album will be about "boys and love". (MTV)

- Twilight Yo' Babies: The US Department of Social Security released the most popular baby names from last year and surprised... Isabella and Jacob are on the top of the list. Take that, Team Edward! (SSA)


- Hey Stella!: Rachel Weisz is rumored to be part of the latest Broadway revival of A Streetcar Named Desire next season playing Blanche DuBois. She seems more like a Stella to me, so why not cast her there and get Cate Blanchett back as the feisty psycho diva? (Playbill)

- More Euphemisms: Hearing about opponents of gay marriage caught in gay sex scandals no longer surprise me. The latest being George Alan Rekers who hired an escort off for his European trip because he "can't lift luggage", whatever that means. The escort said Rekers paid for plenty of nude massages including "The long stroke", whatever that means as well. (NYDN)

- Canadian Football: Major League Soccer just announced Montreal is join their league in the 2012 season after Portland and Vancouver start their inaugural campaigns next season. With Toronto in the mix already since 2007, there are now more professional soccer teams in Canada than basketball and baseball. (ESPN)

- No Sexting Zone: I'm not sure how research is done, but a recent study claims that 1 in 10 people under the age of 25 says it's okay to text during sex. The mental image is frightening. (Advertising Age)


Anonymous said...

Rachel Weisz has already played Blanche DuBois in the UK and received even greater acclaim for her performance than Cate Blanchett did for hers and won every award for it and rightfully so, she blew Blanchett out of the water.

JK said...

If people are texting while they are having sex, it and they must not be very good. Don't know about you, but no matter what's happening "during", I like to have both hands available!

Andrew: Encore Entertainment said...

Well the only reason Rachel got more acclaim is because it was a bigger production, but I'm a Cate lover...

still, it's such a tough choice, Racehl and Cate are both excellent...

PS> Tagged you a musical meme, I know, I'm loathsome, but the meme must go on.

Bill said...

Ummm, to the first poster, how in the world did Rachel receive GREATER acclaim than Blanchett? They weren't even competing against each other for goodness sakes! And I've only read 4 reviews on the Donmar's production whereas the STC's production got about 80 or so from everyone and their mother in Sydney, Washington & New York to which about 90% raved about Cate's Blanche DuBois. So, where is this proof you have claiming Blanchett had "lesser" acclaim?! haha! Have you read the New York Times review? Have you read the Washington Post review? The New Yorker, the Post, Times Online, Baltimore Sun, Entertainment Weekly? How about Meryl Streep's reaction? All out raves citing Blanchett's portrayal as "legendary", "greatest stage performance of all time", "historical" & "truly unique". You Weisz fanatics are bloody clinical.

Peter Chan said...

@andrew: I'll start working on that, music has always been weird with me. i almost never know what to say.

@jk: i agree, so i guess i would only sleep with 9 under 25 in fear of that texting 10th.

Anonymous said...

Why do people constantly need to compare actors?
To me it just reeks of jealousy and envy.
Both actresses have received wonderful reviews and much acclaim - enough said.