Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Bachelor Status Updates


I stumbled across 'The Bachelor' with Erica (ten states away) last night during the all important final rose ceremony. Yes, I was a little disturbed by how the guy proposed to a girl only to take that back because he wants to start dating the girl he dumped in the first place. Yes, I was a little disgusted how these people agreed to display all of this on national television. But most of all, I was a little surprised how popular this show was. 

I'll admit it. During the 30 minutes I watched between his proposal and his 'unproposal', I was a little intrigued. No matter the reasoning for my intrigued (confusion, hatred, and the before mentioned disgust), the producers of the show and the ABC network managed to get me to watch for their elusive 18-35 male demographic.

But to see a mass amount (ELEVEN!) of Facebook status updates having to do with the finale of 'The Bachelor' is kind of amusing. Of course I responded to them.

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Brian said...

For obvious reasons I have a mild interest in Single Dad Bachelor, yet I never bothered to watch any episode (even the last) and I start to lose interest in any explanation that goes on longer than a minute. Facebook statuses are actually the right length for my attention span on the subject.