Thursday, March 5, 2009

My Second Open Letter To Brian Cashman


Mr. Cashman,

I know I've written to you once before regarding last year's "rebuilding year" and was glad to see that you didn't end up trading our prospects for a run for the playoffs. See what the Tampa Bay Rays did? It was all with prospects and simple trading. But the reason I'm writing this time is to support your much criticized comments regarding Alex Rodriguez. 

“We’ve invested in him as an asset. And because of that, this is an asset that is going through a crisis. So we’ll do everything we can to protect that asset and support that asset and try to salvage that asset.”

Yes, it was a bit cold- but it is exactly what most Yankee fans are thinking. It is time to begin impersonalizing ourselves with Rodriguez. He's a great player but with all the baggage that comes along the good, I couldn't find a better word to describe him than the word you chose. 

Good luck this season. Your stadium looks great,

P.S.- It is so uncool your people don't return calls to people you interviewed for job openings. 

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