Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Zac Crawford Comparison

Picture 3

On the heels of the possible swap for Zac Efron with Chace Crawford in the upcoming remake of 'Footloose', the New York Post examines the difference between the two very similar stars. For me, when it comes down to it, Crawford is a poor man's version of the man he's replacing. While Efron has proven again and again he can bring in the box office, you just wait til 17 Again opens in a few weeks, Crawford has the looks and the potential young girl crowd much from his 'Gossip Girl' years but what he has yet to prove is that he can sing and dance- something Efron can do in his sleep. 

If Efron were to drop out as most media sources indicate, I guess a gamble on Mr. Crawford can pay off. Is it me, or does the two look eerily similar? Why don't the studios do something with that? Another Parent Trap-like film perhaps and capitalize on both of their appeals?

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