Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My March Madness Predictions ('09 Edition)

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For the first time since I've acknowledged college basketball, both Florida State and Syracuse made it to the big dance with amazing conference runs that stopped in the finals. No fear though, I'm sure their heroic wins (Syracuse's 7 OTs in 2 nights, FSU's debunking of then #1 UNC) are confidence boosters going into this weekend. Here's my quick take of this year's NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

East Region: I'm pretty sure FSU will make it to the Sweet 16, but seeing how Pittsburgh is going to meet them there, their run will most likely end there. This marks the second sport FSU and Wisconsin will meet in postseason, with our football teams butting heads in December at a bowl game. Poor Binghamton, my friends are all excited their school made it to their first dance only to face Duke in the first round. Anyway, my pick is for the much hated Greg Paulus and the rest of his Dukie Posse.

South Region: Syracuse to the Elite Eight to lose to North Carolina- only if Ty Lawson returns. If not, I have Devendorf (watch for his name in the NBA) and gang marching to Detroit. Upset special? Western Kentucky to the Sweet Sixteen.

Midwest Region: I still think Louisville is overrated. They got really lucky in the Big East Tournament. I have the very consistent Kansas Jayhawks moving on even though I'm rooting for the Mountaineers of West Virginia. 

West Region: It's all going to come down to Memphis trying to prove everyone wrong for placing them as a #2 seed and Connecticut trying to prove to everyone why they're #1 instead. In the end, the inevitable meeting with probably end with the Memphis Tigers as survivors. My only reasoning, UConn's half of the draw is much tougher and by the time the two teams meet, they'll probably be too tired to play Memphis' aggressive game. 

In the end, I'm going to go with North Carolina winning it all. Now, watch me be all wrong and not making it past this weekend....

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