Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Worst Bartender In Brooklyn

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You'd think a place as swanky as the ReBar in DUMBO would be a little more selective with their bartenders, but I couldn't believe my eyes or my ears of what I was witnessing. I was entertained at the first by the venue, it's sheek and modern and has beers I've never heard of ('Mother's Milk'!?!). So after a sampling of something called 'Rare VOS', I decided to go ahead with that- on tap. Upon hearing this, our bartender proceeded to give me a look before walking away and serving others at the pretty empty bar. After scratching his head for what seemed like ten minutes, he remembered my simple order of beer on tap. FYI- 'Rare VOS' kinda sucked.

I got off easy. My friends did not. Larissa wanted something with Bailey's in it and after another round of head scratching, our bartender came back and told her they don't serve it. He then proceeded to make his 'specialty drink' with included Godiva Liqueur, Milk and vodka- it tasted like blah. We all had a sip before Riss was eventually charged 7 bucks for what would be the most expensive shot of chocolate milk in the world.

The best part of the story? Kyle's friend, Ronald, wanted a customized drink with melon in it- which they did not have. So the bartender's solution? A glass  containing a sampling of each beer they had on tap. We couldn't believe our ears. It was the foamiest, grossest thing I've ever tasted. Kyle, who I haven't seen since our college days, got off easy like I did- with a Long Island Ice Tea.

So lesson learned. Not going back to ReBar except for dinner- hopefully that's good. 

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