Friday, April 10, 2009

My Harper's Island Episode One Recap


this post contains major spoilers from last night's episode of 'Harper's Island'

Going into last night's premiere, I knew I was going to have trouble keeping track of all the characters- especially if they're all thrown at you at the same time. While Abby (the cominghome girl) and Henry (the groom) are somewhat billed as the lead, I can easily see different sets of characters taking over the main role with each episode. It's already campy and fun with a character decapitated within the first 5 minutes and the head reappears (shocker!). So let's just go to the chart:

Victims: Cousin Ben (decapitated by boat propellers) & Uncle Marty (got stuck after falling through a hole on a drawbridge and than have everything below torso chopped off).

Predicted Next Victim: Danny Brooks, the college buddy. He's the only black guy on the show, so he's not going to last... but not before he makes the obligatory "black guy always die" joke.

Predicted Killer: I'm going with Hunter Jennings, the ex of the bride... just because the father of the bride is just too obvious.

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