Friday, April 3, 2009

My 2009 Baseball Predictions

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With another baseball season starting this weekend, I figured it's time to throw in my two cents as usual with some predictions. Last year, I was a little off. Although I did have both the Red Sox and Phillies in the League Championship Series. So many questions are going to answered. Will the Mets have another colossal collapse for the third straight season? Can the Rays take their best season and run with it? Can the Yanks overcome last year's woes and this year's off-field distractions? Which team will come out of the dreadful NL Central and West alive? I guess we'll all just have to wait and see. Anyway, here are my quick picks:

American League:
1. Boston Red Sox (AL East Champions)
2. Los Angeles Angels (AL West Champions)
3. Minnesota Twins (AL Central Champions)
4. New York Yankees (AL Wild Card)

ALDS: Boston over Minnesota, Los Angeles over New York
ALCS: Los Angeles over Boston

I don't see the Rays getting back to the playoffs (ESPN Mag has them winning it all!) and the Yanks will do well under Girardi's second season but not well enough. The Angels are as dominant as they can be in another weak division.

National League:
1. Philadelphia Phillies (NL East Champions)
2. Chicago Cubs (NL Central Champions)
3. Los Angeles Dodgers (NL West Champions)
4. New York Mets (NL Wild Card)

ALDS: Philadelphia over Los Angeles, New York over Chicago
ALCS: Philadelphia over New York

I don't see how the Mets' offseason moves for their bullpen will result in another collapse- I was wrong last year as well. The only that'd give the Dodgers problems should be the Diamondbacks- other than that, Philadelphia should roll on.

World Series: Philadelphia over Los Angeles

Going out on a limb and calling for the first repeat World Series Champions since the '98-'00 Yanks.

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