Friday, April 17, 2009

My Harper's Island Episode Two Recap


this post contains major spoilers from last night's episode of 'Harper's Island'

So someone with a decent storyline actually kicked the bucket this week and while another useless character goes down (literally) in flames. As far as the story goes, if logic plays here, I think it's safe to rule out British Cal since he was hung upside down for most of the episode. And while they're continually trying to pin Shane on me, I can't help but think it's his bestie and Abby pursuer we should look out for.

Victims: The Priest (rope trap, hung upside down and then decapitated), Kelly (hung on a rope) & Lucy (falls into a hole, had gasoline poured on her and a lit match... you do the math)

Projected Next Victim: I'm still sticking with Danny Brooks- one of the wedding party has to go.

Project Killer: Jimmy Mance, the ex-boyfriend of our heroine. I don't trust him. 

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