Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Boxers Renaissance


For the most part of this century, I've been a boxer briefs kinda guy when I opted to wear underwear. I just like the way it feels and looks on me. But due to not laundry for three weeks an uncontrollable circumstance, I'm down to boxers I haven't worn since my shopping spree days at FSU. For goodness sakes, I'm wearing boxers from Structure(!). I've gotta say though, this temporary switch back has been a nice one. I don't feel discomfortable like in the past and I don't feel the urge readjust myself like I remember either. Hmm... perhaps being on the boxer briefs team for so long has blurred my ability to see the advantages of wearing just plain old boxers.


ChillwithWill said...

Favorite qualifier in this post:

"when I opted to wear underwear"


This isn't good, Peter. You may have inspired me to post my own blog about underwear. And I have different cuts, styles, and patterns that I like to wear depending on the event, my outfit, or my mood. If I post said blog, it will be EPIC.

Sound like a diva?

Well, you should understand, you also subscribe to Details magazine.

Peter Chan said...

I draw the line at Details. I got a free copy of GQ and I can't handle it. Perhaps it was because Rob Pattinson was giving me his signature creepy eyes.

ChillwithWill said...

CONFESSION: I used to be subscribed to both. Details is better...even though they're essentially the same magazine.