Monday, April 20, 2009

My Movies On A Plane


During my 20-hour(!) flight from New York to Hong Kong, I had the opportunity to watch many free movies through those nifty screens embedded in the seat in front of me. Which is good, since some of those films got lost in the shuffle at the end of last year's onslaught of movie releases. Here's a quick summary of what I thought:

- 'Yes Man', a film I'll probably forget in about a month but it was entertaining enough to keep me from thinking how much my butt is sore from sitting.

- 'Four Christmases', it was a mess but thank goodness it was only 86 minutes!

- 'Defiance', noteworthy to watch- especially in the dark while everyone around me was asleep. 

- 'Slumdog Millionaire', my umpteenth viewing and I still choke up at the end.

Speaking of 'Slumdog Millionaire', the passenger next to me asked if it was a clean movie before she watches it and I responded by saying there's some violence in there that might be disturbing. She quickly replied 'Oh, violence doesn't count'. I've always had a dilemma regarding content in films especially between sexual content and violent ones. Why does our society regard extreme violence permissible while light sexual innuendoes are taboo and not fit for our eyes? Just a thought.
Anyway, Hong Kong is hot and I'm tired- mo' post about HKG later.

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