Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My 'Wolverine' Quickie Review


After all the hoopla with the leak of this film, the hype for the public was going to be tough to meet- and boy, did this film falter. Sure, the character Wolverine was the most intriguing (and popular) part of the original X-Men series but the backstory these filmmakers came up with was so weak, they could've done it as an opening montage for the first X-Men film 10 years ago. 

Showing promise (with an opening credit sequence), the story never picked up and the action sequences never truly climaxed for me to care at all. Multiple plot twists has been always been a hard sell for me but there were a few here that were just WTF or 'too easy to call' to warrant any creative merit. 

To their credit, the filmmakers did try to bring some freshness to this franchise by bringing fan favorite Gambit into the mix but that initial appeal wore off quickly- not sure if it's the oh-so-familiar character development or the travesty that is Taylor Kitsch (aka Tim Riggins on 'FNL'). At least teasing a young Cyclops in a few scenes (the best visual effects came with Cyclops, it always has...) was fun for awhile.

That final battle between Wolverine and, umm... not to give anything away, a surprise(!) mutant played out like a round of Mortal Kombat added to the silliness and cheese factor that had me thinking how that was best visual effects shots they could've came up with. Perhaps after all is said and done, if FOX was to think about giving another mutant the 'origins' treatment, they should get one whose story isn't as rugged with wafer-thin conflicts. 

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