Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Wrong Choice For A Director


McG of 'Charlie's Angels' and 'Terminator Salvation", I repeat- 'Charlie's Angels' and 'Terminator Salvation', wants to adapt the Tony Award winning musical Spring Awakening for the silver screen. While everyone who's familiar with the stage/film crossover history knows this adaptation is inevitable, I can't help but think McG is a wrong choice for director. 

Sure, there's no doubt it's going to electric and high energy, but the source material also calls for emotional and gut wrenching moments that McG has only showcased through his producing credit of 'The OC'- and let's face it, Moritz is a much more troubled soul than Ryan Atwood. My suggestion as always is to go the prestige route and get a helmer who's familiar with music material (a Cameron Crowe) or someone who's versatile and artistic with tragedy (an Ang Lee), or else Steven Sater and Duncan Sheik might as well let Chris Columbus or (gasp!) Brett Ratner take the wheel. (THR)

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