Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My Harper's Island Introduction


I'm usually not a fan of the entire "Who's The Killer?" genre but there are occasions where I see myself completely obsessed with the mystery (ie. The 'Scream' trilogy). So when the previews for CBS's new thriller mini-series Harper's Island started airing, my curiosity was provoked and I became intrigued. C'mon, they kill off one person each week and you have to guess the killer is! What is not fun about that!?! To celebrate, I'm going to blog after each episode to analyze the show and of course, who I think the killer is. I CANNOT WAIT! 

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Amanda said...

I can't wait for Harper's Island either. It'll be just like Survivor, but in this case it's not who gets kicked off each week, it's who gets killed. Gotta love it!

There's also an online show CBS made to compliment the tv series. It's called 'Harper's Globe' and apparently the mystery of the island has already begun there. www.HarpersGlobe.com.

Looking forward to your analysis each week!