Thursday, April 16, 2009

My 'I Love You, Man' Revelation


I've been meaning to watch the latest Paul Rudd outing since its release but never got the chance to. So when me and Riss's attempt to get 'West Side Story' tickets went up in flames, we decided to go grab the best burger in all of earth and watch 'I Love You, Man' before we both leave New York for an extended amount of time. 

While 'I Love You, Man' on the surface seems like another tiresome Judd Apatow-esque male bonding movie, I think both of us were pleasantly surprise how different and refreshing it was- ah, the fine art of bromance. I think it helped that we were both watching with our best friend of the opposite sex because it brought up a good conversation and realization of just how non-frat boy males are. I think for me personally, it's because I can relate to Paul Rudd's Peter in the film- the shy and mild manner guy who moments and tendencies to flair up with inner angst and rebellion. Also, the many, many awkward silences in the film happens on a regular basis with me and my male friends had thanking God that someone else in the world associated with this interaction enough to put it onscreen to comfort me.

Yes, the crude jokes are still there for a cheap laugh or two, but overall- 'I Love You, Man' caters to more than meets the eye, it manages to be the first of the 'male chick flicks' I can totally enjoy without feeling I have to pretend to be macho and chauvinist. 

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